Friday, May 24, 2024

Jay Leno Severely Injured In Gasoline Fire

Last Saturday Jay Leno was seriously injured in a gasoline fire. Leno, the former host of the Tonight Show and more recently Jay Leno’s Garage, was working underneath one of vehicles when the accident occurred.

As a result Leno received serious burns to his hands, arms, chest, and face. He was taken to Grossman Burn Center, west of Los Angeles.

Since arriving at the center Leno has undergone one surgery and has another one scheduled for later this week.

Aimee Bennett, the Director of Communications for the Grossman Center Explained:

“Leno suffered significant burns to his face and hands, as well as his chest, while working underneath a car in Burbank on Saturday. Since he’s been in the hospital, he has undergone surgery and has another planned for later this week. Leno’s surgery was a surgical excision and grafting procedure. He’s had skin grafts that are not his own, meaning the skin we have from a skin bank or a donor, that’s what we do as a first stage. Leno suffered deep second-degree and possibly third-degree burns in the car fire.”

She then added:

“Leno’s scars from the severe burns will be visible for the foreseeable future and hopes they will be minimal or maybe not at all.”

Leno has also undergone hyperbaric oxygen treatment, which is often used to treat severe burns. HBOT works by flooding your body with increased oxygen. In a single hour of HBOT treatment, the body takes in about 2.4 pounds of oxygen into the tissue. This increases the oxygen level in the tissues 10 to 15 times that of the amount received through normal breathing.

As a result, this increased oxygen into the system provides many benefits, including:

Promotes the growth of new blood vessels

Decreases swelling and inflammation

Deactivates toxins

Increases the body’s ability to fight off infections

Removes toxins and waste products

Improves cognitive function

Stimulates new capillary growth that can aid in simple wound healing

Stimulates brain cells and increases the active firing of these cells

Leno stated that he was working on a 1907 steam car fixing a clogged fuel line, when gas sprayed on him and was ignited by a spark. He credits one of his friends for saving his life by extinguishing the fire.