Thursday, July 18, 2024

New York vs. San Francisco In The Sad Competition Which Really Matters

Mad magazine used to have a Spy vs. Spy section. It was fun and it didn’t need any words. In this 2022 version, it is Loser vs Loser, both sides talk too much and you have to just shake your head over the argument.

First of all, as soon as you hear either New York or San Francisco mentioned, the picture in your mind isn’t pleasant. It’s sad, but because of liberal non leadership, both cities have fallen into landfill status.

We’re used to friendly banter between cities. For instance, when cities meet in the Super Bowl or World Series a prominent politician will offer up a bet, usually something that the area is famous for. For instance, in the most recent world series, Houston played Philadelphia. Houston could have offered up smoked brisket while Philly offered up a cheese steak. Both positive icons from each city.

The key word there is positive, or popular. No-one offers up something negative.

Now enter Kathy Hochul, the crooked Governor of New York  and London Breed, the do-nothing Mayor of San Francisco.

In an interview on MSNBC, before the election on Tuesday, Stephanie Rule told Hochul that “New Yorkers do not feel safe and fear they could be San Francisco.”

To which Hochul responded with:

“We will never be San Francisco”

Uh Oh, Loser number one draws first blood.

Breed then responded, defending her dismal record:

“If you look at the data, we probably pale in comparison to New York”

“ At the end of the day,  to take what you see online and use it to try and develop some sort of opinion about San Francisco when that’s just seconds in time versus every single day, is just not fair. My hope is that you know, she’ll come visit and see for herself rather than what she sees on video.”

What a legacy. Two American politicians arguing that their dumpster fires aren’t as big as the other ones.

I have no doubt that both of these losers will gather up their gas cans and throw even more fuel on their respective fires, but just think of the narrative here.

They’re not saying we are better than you because of …

They’re saying we’re not the worst, because you are.

I guess it’s time to celebrate failure.