Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Sean Patrick Maloney’s “Let Them Eat Chef Boyardee” Gaffe

Years ago, John Gray wrote a book that was titled “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus.” As you can surmise from the title it was meant to demonstrate the differences between men and women. By stating that the two sexes at times seemed to be from different planets, he was highlighting the distance in thoughts between the two.

Using Gray’s title as a guideline, what example could be used to display the differences between Conservatives and the left?

My first thought was Conservatives are from Earth and Liberals are from Hell, but then I thought that saying Conservatives are from Reality and Liberals are Insane may be better. Truthfully, both are accurate, so you can choose which one you prefer.

The distance that the left is out of touch with Americans is astounding. Not a day goes by when they either look down their noses at us or insult our intelligence. They are so completely full of themselves, that they are no longer capable of making policy that applies to the reality of hard-working Americans.

The most recent demonstration of this was gifted to us by New York Congressman Sean Maloney. This tone-deaf moron essentially told Americans to eat Chef Boyardee as a way of fighting inflation.

“I grew up in a family where if the gas price went up, the food price went down, so by this time of the week we’d be eating Chef Boyardee if that budget wasn’t going to change, so that’s what families have to do.”

Maloney is running against Republican Assemblyman Michael Lawler who squarely put Maloney in his place:

“A better idea than eating Chef Boyardee, let’s fire Sean Maloney and reduce inflation. He may think it’s funny to tell families to live on Chef Boyardee, but in reality it’s tragic. The food and energy inflation Mr. Maloney caused in Washington is leaving families scared, hungry, and cold.”

Lawler is absolutely correct. These elitist have no idea about the plight of Americans. What’s worse, is not only can’t they relate, they don’t care.

The entire purpose of a campaign is to get out among your constituents and listen to their concerns. Then build a plan, take those concerns to Washington, and represent them by seeking solutions to those concerns.

The Democrats have become a cabal of far-left ideological lunatics. They push nonexistent climate fears and social agendas meant to divide, not unite. They want to control our children’s minds by instilling doubt about genetics that can’t be altered.

Yet, they ignore the main concerns of Americans. Inflation, Crime, and an open border that allows drugs and criminal elements to pour into our country.

Their heads aren’t in the clouds, they are firmly planted in their backsides.

I hope they enjoy the view.