Tuesday, April 23, 2024

The Fraudulent New Ten Commandments

COP27 is a gathering of hypocrites.

Elites and so-called experts, getting together to plan OUR future based on the nonsensical fantasy of climate change. Something that they are so concerned about, that a total of 400 private jets were flown into Egypt by these attendees.

Some of those attending these meetings are the so called leaders of a variety of religions. Their reason for being there is to compare notes on forming a new global religion worshiping “Mother Earth.”

These people are activists, not scientists. In fact, they have been called “cultists” by some scientists. What they want is for us to repent for our sins against the earth and to move on with a new and improved moral consideration of the world.

One of the ring leaders of this hysteria is Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, the primus inter pares of the Eastern Orthodox Church who also has been called the “Green Patriarch.” In a public statement he ranted against “The abuse of nature and the exploitation of its resources as a sin against God and the gift of creation.”

Then in a press release the congregants at COP27 stated that their hope was to: “inspire the people to act modestly and carry out actions for climate justice.”

Within the press release, their new ten commandments were revealed.

We are stewards of this world

Creation manifests divinity

Everything in life is interconnected

Do no harm

Look after tomorrow

Rise above ego for our world

Change our inner climate

Repent and return

Every action matters

Use mind, open heart

The name didn’t last long. It received so much criticism that the name was changed to: “The Ten Principles of Climate Repentance.”

Another one of the lead lunatics of this group is Rabbi Yonatan Neril. He went on the record with this statement:

 “We need to change the operating system that humanity generated and is degrading God’s creation. We need to switch from greed, short-term thinking, and individualistic behavior to spiritual satisfaction, long-term thinking, and altruism. By doing that we will address the symptoms of the problem and manifest a new earth.”

Those sound fine, but how they relate to environmentalism would seem a bit cloudy. But Neril then went on to say:

“Leveraging so-called faith communities to move the needle on climate advocacy is a deeply needed and worthwhile effort. While the national political culture is so divided, faith is this common ground that can soften the boundaries and open hearts and minds.”

In other words, move toward a global religion based on the myth of a climate dilemma and along the way eliminate personal ethics. Make the original Ten Commandments obsolete, even though every civilized society uses them as a bedrock. A global religion based on repenting for sins committed against mother earth is not based on moral law. It is another way to promote “Group Think” diminishing the individual as well as individual rights.

Climate change doesn’t exist. It is another method to redistribute wealth and to turn the masses into sheep, bowing to the elitist shepherds. And nothing about COP27 should be given weight by those capable of critical thinking.