Thursday, April 18, 2024

The Media Calls Arizona Early For Mark Kelly

NBC and, in their wake, the rest of the mainstream media(including so-called “right-wing” FOX) declared democrat Mark Kelly as a winner of Arizona elections over the weekend based on his lead of 131,000 with over 620,000 votes left uncounted.

Kelly’s supposed victory came three days after polls were closed, while Arizona’s government officials continue to count mailed-in and dropped-off votes. In the minds of the math geniuses employed by the Arizona election board, a lead of less than 8 percent couldn’t be affected by the leftover 30 percent uncounted votes.

And “unexpectedly,” there was no outrage or other noise from the glorious defenders of freedom, the Republican Party.

I guess being declared an ‘election denier’ is more painful than watching this country and the citizens of which the right wing proclaims to represent go up in flames.

Well, as long as they have their “principles.”

This”win” gave global socialists 49 Senate seats, one short of securing a majority in the Senate. With a subsequent call of the Nevada Senate race in favor of Democrat Catherine Cortez-Masto by a razor-thin margin over Adam Laxalt, Democrat control of the Senate as secured.

Georgia is heading into a run-off with, as the media describes him, “obviously braindead Republican house negro” Herschel Walker and the wholesome reverend with a minor drug /extra-marital affairs hobby and a passion for building the best slums a person can rent Democrat incumbent Raphael Warnock in a desperate battle to be decided Dec. 6, or whenever the election officials in the Peach State subsequently decide to stop counting.

It seems that the house media was able to use its unparalleled psychic powers to predict the exact outcome of the elections in the same manner they’ve managed to foresee Kari Lake’s loss to Hobbs a week before ballots were cast. Yet the quislings with a microphone could not see the logic in declaring a conservative Ron Johnson winner in the Wisconsin senate election with all votes counted.

Arizona is plagued with election “irregularities” that “unexpectedly” mirror 2020 almost to the T. From 20% (70 of 223 machines down and lines hundreds of people long – to me, that looks a lot closer to 30%, but what do I know with my racist math?) of voting machines not working because of “printer issues” to needing to store filled-in ballots at a printing company for an unexplainable reason.

So let me get this straight-what part of counting cast ballots involves the ability to print them, and why would you want to stop and unload filled-in ballots at a facility designed to print them?

Then again, if you can come up with a random number of voters regadless of who actually is there, why can’t you just come up with the votes themselves?

And if you follow that logic to its inevitable end-why, would you bother waiting for votes to be counted to declare a winner?

As Satan’s official representative on earth once quipped, “What difference at this point does it make?”

The big picture is simple.

The election is being stolen, stolen in the exact same way as it was stolen in 2020. it’s not hidden, the people stealing it are not James Bond villains, and there is no 3d chess conspiracy here.

The Republicans will huff and puff, then get back on” we must respect the election results, for the sake of our democracy!”, cash their checks, and McTurtle on. The media is going to go apoplectic at any mention of election fraud and keep on repeating the same “false claims” and ” unfounded accusations” mantra until people forget. And those of us who will not forget or get bamboozled by the so-called experts-well, it’s not like our vote counts. The US has been importing over a million and a half of democrat beholden voters for a year now, and by the time the next elections come around, they’ll be good and legal to vote.

I guess all those “conservative” experts screaming,” the 2020 elections are over! We need to move on and just vote harder next time!” for the last year got what they wanted.

It’s funny how once something breaks and you don’t bother to fix it, stays broken.