Wednesday, February 28, 2024

VIDEO: Joe Rogan Takes On The FTX Scandal

All you really need to know about FTX, which is the biggest financial fraud scandal in the history of the world, is that it was a politically-connected Ponzi scheme which has collapsed and cost an enormous number of people billions and billions of dollars.

Along the way, FTX’s CEO, a twerpy little millennial named Sam Bankman-Fried, was buying up politicians. He was the second biggest Democrat donor behind only George Soros in the 2022 election cycle. And “SBF” as they’re calling him, benefited a gigantic amount from US aid to Ukraine – the Ukrainian government hooked up with FTX to promote a cryptocurrency program.

Meaning your tax dollars funded the Democrat political war chest with Ukraine as the laundromat and this clown as the cutout. SBF’s mother is a Stanford law professor who ran a Democrat PAC worth $140 million.

You might conclude the Democrat Party is a criminal syndicate and this is reasonably hard evidence of it. Either way, lots of folks got hurt by this scam.

But if you want to here a layman’s discussion of this which isn’t particularly political, here’s as good as you’ll find. It’s Joe Rogan and Yannis Pappas going through this mess.

Warning: there’s a little bit of language which isn’t safe for work.