Friday, July 12, 2024

VIDEO: Libertarian AZSEN Candidate Drops Out, Endorses Masters

Here’s something fairly interesting, and it could be a development that proves decisive in an election key to the outcome of the 2022 midterm elections.

Mark Victor is the Libertarian Party’s nominee for the U.S. Senate seat from Arizona currently held by left-wing Democrat Mark Kelly, a Team Biden running-dog lackey. Victor has polled anywhere between 1 and 6 percent in recent surveys.

And now, a week from the midterm elections, Victor is dropping out and backing Masters.

Marc Victor, the libertarian candidate for U.S. Senate in Arizona, has dropped out of the race and given his “enthusiastic” endorsement to Republican Blake Masters. 

“At my invitation, Blake Masters and I had an unscripted, open, and recorded discussion and exchange of ideas on a variety of issues — we discussed the economy, taxation, foreign policy, existential threats, education, the Federal Reserve, energy policy, guns, immigration, abortion, the drug war, separation of church and state, same-sex marriage, and euthanasia,” Victor released in a statement Tuesday, “I found Blake to be generally supportive of the Live and Let Live Global Peace Movement. Likewise, we found ourselves in general agreement about how to improve America and advance the cause of freedom and peace. After that discussion, I believe it is in the best interests of freedom and peace to withdraw my candidacy and enthusiastically support Blake Masters for United States Senate. I intend to assist in any way reasonably possible to election Blake.”

As Townhall’s Katie Pavlich noted, this is a potential game-changer given that Masters has closed the minor gap that existed between himself and Kelly and has now brought the race into a dead heat…

Masters is running a little behind Kari Lake, who’s blowing out the Democrat Katie Hobbs in that state’s gubernatorial election, though Lake’s circumstances are a bit more advantageous than Masters’ are. Chief among those are the vast sums of money Kelly’s camp has deployed against Masters while the Republican establishment, and in particular its Senate caucus leader Mitch McConnell, has abandoned the field. McConnell even poo-poohed Masters and several other Trump-endorsed GOP nominees as unsuitable.

Of late, Masters’ camp has managed to get some outside help from other sources. Silicon Valley investment titan Peter Thiel, who played a big role in helping Masters in the GOP primary, has thrown money back into the race for him in the form of a $3.7 million ad buy, and a late cash surge of $5.5 million by the Club for Growth has flooded airwaves with an ad trashing Kelly’s votes for runaway government spending. That, on top of MAGA, Inc., the Super PAC associated with President Trump, making a million-dollar ad buy in the race.

But Victor’s endorsement, which doesn’t carry a dime with it, might be more consequential than all of the outside money. And the 28-minute video conversation between the Libertarian and the Republican nominee who calls himself something of a reformed libertarian (he rightly recognizes there are practical limits to libertarianism which show up in technicolor when faced with the cultural Marxist, woke-authoritarian Left) is well worth a look as a window into the mind of what could be Arizona’s next U.S. Senator.