Sunday, May 19, 2024

While You Were Distracted by Paul Pelosi, THIS Happened in Minnesota

Unlike the Paul Pelosi story, an incident out of Minnesota is barely getting any attention, and it’s about a man who threatened to kill — by all indications — an unnamed Republican U.S. senator.

This week the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Minnesota announced that a Coon Rapids man, Brendon Michael Daugherty, 35, pleaded guilty to leaving two threatening voicemail messages at the field office of the U.S. senator. U.S. attorneys did not identify the senator other than to say that he or she does not represent Minnesota. They also heavily implied that the senator belongs to the GOP. Daugherty threatened the senator in June.

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“Both messages contained threats of violence directed at the U.S. Senator. In his first message, Daugherty stated, ‘You and the Republican Party should be proud that you’re pushing me to become a domestic terrorist. Have a nice [expletive] day; can’t wait to kill ya,’” according to a statement that U.S. Attorney’s published Tuesday. 

“In his second message, Daugherty stated, ‘I also just wanted to note, thank God the Republican Party is against gun control laws because it would keep guns out of the hands of a person that was disabled and volatile like I am, but you guys are totally against that. So, I may actually get to carry out my nefarious goals.’”

Field office staff retrieved and recorded the messages and reported them to the U.S. Capitol Police.

Daugherty pleaded guilty this week to one count of interstate transmission of a threat to injure the person of another. Federal officials have yet to schedule a sentencing hearing.

This is newsworthy stuff. 

But as well all know, if the senator in question was a Democrat then the Democratic National Committee and their willing accomplices in the establishment press would howl about this from the rooftops. 

This story would make headline news on all the major establishment press networks. The ladies of The View would prioritize this story and use it to bash Republicans and blame Donald Trump and his MAGA disciples for a lack of civil discourse and for poisoning the national dialogue. 

The press would equivocate MAGA followers as no better than the screwballs who obeyed Charles Manson. Beltway Democrats would immediately use this incident as an excuse to clamp down upon MAGA followers’ freedoms and rights.

But because the intended target was a Republican….crickets.

My liberal friends would tell me that CBS News’ website did a story about Daugherty in September. CBS News is also notorious for taking stories that portray Republicans in a sympathetic light and burying them on their website where most people cannot find them. As near as I can tell, CBS did not televise this report. 

The only other media that reported on this story were outlets local to Minnesota.

Contrast all of this with how the establishment press behaved when Nancy Pelosi’s husband was attacked at home. Or the avalanche of stories we get when Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says someone threatened her.

As Matt Walsh tweeted late last week, “The media didn’t give a sh*t when Rand Paul was assaulted or Kavanaugh was nearly assassinated or the GOP baseball game was shot up. But it’s not a “double standard.” They just believe that Republicans deserve to die. That’s their standard. Horrific, but consistent.”

In a follow-up tweet, Walsh (correctly) stated “this Pelosi thing is a crisis because Nancy Pelosi is good and her life is valuable. The many examples of Republicans being targeted are fine because Republicans are bad and their lives don’t matter. This is the actual position held by the Left and the media.”

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Fortunately, of the few media outlets to report this story, The Minnesota Star Tribunenoted that Daugherty already had a criminal record and was quite capable of carrying out his threat.

“Court records show he was convicted in October 2018 of two felony counts for threatening on successive days in April to burn down a Pearle Vision store in Maple Grove and harm the employees. Daugherty was angry, according to the charges, over owing $80 for replacement eyeglasses,” the newspaper reported.

“His criminal history also includes two convictions for theft and one each for aggravated robbery, burglary, property damage, credit card fraud and fifth-degree assault.”

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