Friday, April 12, 2024

Whoopi joins Twitter quitters, nobody cares

Whoopi Goldberg has left Twitter. Whoop-de-done. 

It’s been roughly a week now since the snarky, divisive and hateful washed-up former actress left the platform over “certain kinds of attitudes blocked now getting back on” since Elon Musk took over.

By “certain kinds of attitudes” the far-left liberal Goldberg undoubtedly meant anything she didn’t agree with.

As Twitter user @cheristired put it: “This speaks volumes. You were fine here as long as you knew that anyone who disagreed with you would be silenced. Now  that you might have to hear a differing opinion, and people are being treated equally, you run away.”


I thought it would give it a while to see if anybody really gives a damn. They do not. 

This was confirmed by Twitter analytics, as pointed out by one user who reposted Whoopi’s goodbye tweet and noted how she’d been “ratioed” on her way out the door. The term refers to any tweet that gets far more responses than likes, indicating a general dislike by the public.

I wonder, is there any reason why anyone with half a brain should care about what social media so-called celebrities use? And is there any reason why anyone should feel compelled to listen to the political opinions of an actor or actress?  They make a living pretending to be somebody else. Does that make them enlightened?

Doesn’t sound like it. Wrote Twitter user @_TimSwain_ : “Just shut up and go away. Sincerely, tens of millions of Patriots across America 👋”

Goldberg grossly miscalculated her expected response to her exodus from the Twitterati. In order to successfully “rage-quit” a social media platform, you have to have a devoted fan base who’s actually going to miss you. 

All I hear are snickers and crickets.