Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Biden Glorifies In “230 Million” Americans With Mostly-Useless Vaxx

If you ever wanted to know how malign the U.S. federal government is, here’s a tweet from its leader, the dubiously-elected and Chinese-compromised Joe Biden, bragging about something which is already very much something not to brag about.

There is so much wrong here. We’ll point out just three things.

First, Joe Biden had nothing to do with the creation of the COVID vaccines. That’s an accomplishment, if it’s an accomplishment at all, which belongs to his predecessor who commenced Operation Warp Speed to produce and approve the COVID vaccine in record time (something which, frankly, is not an accomplishment to brag about).

Second, the means by which Biden effected those vaccinated numbers were an unmitigated travesty – outright discrimination against those choosing not to take the jab, including ruining careers and forcing firings, most of which has been repudiated in the courts. History will record the Biden administration as utterly lawless and tyrannical in its attempts to build those numbers of vaccinated.

It’s instructive that on the same day Biden is tweeting about how many Americans he’s been able to bully into taking the jab, Congress dumped the vaccine mandates for the military in the NDAA amid catastrophic recruitment numbers and increasing reversals in court cases brought by religious objectors and others. To call this an unmitigated failure is generous.

And third, the Biden regime’s vaccine extremism can’t be shown to accomplish anything in its stated purpose – stopping the spread of COVID-19 or promoting public health. If anything, the public is increasingly occupied with stories of unexplained deaths of otherwise perfectly healthy young people which, though it hasn’t been conclusively proven are due to the vaccine, could well be. Incidents of strange blood clotting and ailments like myocarditis have exploded for no otherwise-explainable reasons, and the vaccine clearly did not stop the spread of the virus.

It’s an unmitigated failure and the public is beginning to understand it as such. Worse, the public is also beginning to understand that there is no legal recourse against the makers of the vaccines because of the government’s emergency-use-authorization rules by which it’s been administered, so if your health has been significantly damaged as a result of taking the vaccine whether by choice or coercion you can’t sue the pharmaceutical companies who have profited so massively from it being foisted on you.

The blowback to this is just getting started.