Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Europe Links Crime To Immigration; U.S. Hides The Truth

Before you can solve a problem, you must acknowledge that it exists. Illegal immigration is a major problem, but Joe Biden and his inept cabal continue to bury there head in the sand and deny it.

Sweden on the other hand is acknowledging the problem and has proven that a clear link exists between their increase in crime and the increase in immigration.

Sweden is a very passive country, so when violent crime became too familiar it began to track its origins.

From 2018 to the present, authorities in Sweden have documented approximately 500 bombings, 124 homicides and an increase in gang related shootings.

Sweden is not alone. Homicides and violent crimes have been on the rise across the entire European Union. When the accumulated crime data that was gathered by both the EU and the United Nations was analyzed, it clearly indicated a correlation between the spike in crime and immigration.

Carl Moody is an economics professor at William and Mary College, that specializes in criminology. He offered this comment on the data:

“The country-level data for EU countries keeps track of immigration data that allows you to look at many different places over time in a way that we simply aren’t able to do looking across U.S. states.”

I disagree. The U.S. could definitely track the correlation between crime, drug addiction and other maladies that are tied to illegal immigration. However, they choose not to.

Other crime experts agree. They are impressed with the precision that the EU data provides and believe the U.S. could utilize it in a similar manner.

The experience garnered by authorities in the EU suggests that criminal justice experts, with the backing of policy makers, could directly tie drug trafficking to immigration at the U.S.-Mexican border.

The problem is strictly political. Crime statistics are gathered, but experts are generally not allowed to draw conclusions on how illegal immigration has influenced violent crime.

Due to fear of political backlash and woke racism claims, very few state officials even keep track of the immigration status of the prisoners in their jails.

Everyone knows that illegal immigration is not just a problem, but a major deep-seated issue, that affects life in America in both loud and silent ways.

All the while, Biden’s administration is playing “See no evil, Hear no evil and Speak no evil” even though they are well aware that the evil exists.