Sunday, July 21, 2024

Look Up The Word Dictionary And The Definition Is Disgrace

The Marxist left is attempting to change reality, and they are doing it with Lies. Let me say that again, the left is Lying! Oh sure, they would like you to believe that what they are selling is an expanded truth, it isn’t. What they are selling is nothing more than self-righteous lies, inspired by a deep-seated hatred of normalcy and expedited by applying a large helping of unnecessary guilt onto a

reeling public.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary refers to itself as “America’s most trusted authority on the English language.” Yet in 2020, the dictionary quietly added an additional line of description to its definition of “female.”

Prior to 2020 the Merriam-Webster definition of female was:

“Of, relating to, or being the sex that typically has the capacity to bear young or produce eggs.”

Then in 2020, this line was added:

“Having a gender identity that is the opposite of male.”

Not to be outdone, Cambridge dictionary has now joined this distorted fray. Previously, the dictionary’s definition of “woman” was:

“An adult female human being.”

Their new expanded definition includes this:

“An adult who lives and identifies as a female though they may have been said to have a different sex at birth.”

Dictionaries, like so many other formerly trusted American institutions, literary and otherwise have succumbed to liberal deception.

These once trusted handbooks of knowledge have now abandoned reality. They no longer are based on the logic of science and biology, but are poisoned by the subjectivity of personal fantasy, disregarding the truth of DNA.

Liberals like to think of themselves as “progressives,” they are not. That is just another lie that that tell themselves. They have single handedly destroyed the women’s movement, increased intolerance between races and are attempting to tarnish, if not outright destroy American history.

By blurring the lines of reality they have jeopardized the safety of young girls and women. Their insistence on allowing boys and men to enter their restrooms and locker rooms is not irresponsible behavior because it is done intentionally. In a society based on rational thought, this type of activity is criminal and should be treated as such.

The danger to young girls and women is not just physical, there is a real mental and psychological toll being extracted from them. Liberals, including the ACLU are now actively campaigning for males that Identify as female, to be allowed to compete in women’s sports.

We have all heard examples of when this has been allowed. Athletic young women that have trained diligently for their sport, defeated by a male coward that deprives them of the glory and sense of accomplishment that they rightly deserve.

Liberal used to mean open to new ideas, respectful and willing to accept ideas different from your own. Synonyms were tolerant and broad minded.

Now, apply that to scenes of them pulling down statues, defacing Christmas displays or anything that they disagree with, demanding street or school names be changed, promoting sex education and gender identification being taught as early as kindergarten and demanding that opposite sexes be allowed to use the restrooms that they identify with and to join sports teams for the same reason.

As a society, we must ask ourselves how long will we allow this charade to continue. When will we stop allowing these blatant and obvious distortions of truth and reality to be woven into our everyday lives?

How long will we allow an outlaw faction of our society to dictate changes that we know are wrong? When we will simply say no to the insanity that the left is selling as being woke?

It is time for us to wake up, but not the way liberals expect. We need to stop their relentless attacks on our youth because if they succeed in corrupting them, they corrupt our future.

We need to reestablish American values and once again highlight the things that made our country the greatest in the world.

The left is implementing division under the guise of unity. They are instilling hate under the ruse of inclusion and creating weakness while calling it strength.

With all of their liberal lies, the greatest is justifying murder by calling it a choice.

It’s time to take America back.