Sunday, April 14, 2024

On Replacing Ronna

Last month, I wrote an article on RVIVR about Kevin McCarthy and his terrible tenure as leader of the GOP House Republicans.

Today, I wanted to focus on another failing leader in the Republican party: current RNC chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel–niece of RINO Senator Mitt Romney.

For those who are unfamiliar, the Republican National Committee (RNC) is a 168 member committee (3 from each state, plus 18 others) responsible for broadly leading and promoting the Republican party nationally.

Every two years, the committee gets together to elect a new chairman to lead the RNC. The next RNC chair election will take place next month on January, 27, 2023.

Normally, the RNC election does not receive much news coverage, but this year is different. There is a strong case being made by grassroots conservatives to oust the current RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel.

As you can probably guess, most Republican voters are unhappy with the job performance of RINO Ronna Romney McDaniel. At the recent TPUSA conference, AmericaFest, conference attendees overwhelmingly voted in a straw poll to support either lawyer Harmeet Dhillon or MyPillow founder Mike Lindell over McDaniel for the RNC chair. In fact, only 1.7% of the 1,000+ poll participants voted in favor of McDaniel!

When you look at McDaniel’s record as RNC chairwoman, you can understand why most Republican voters do not support her.

Ever since McDaniel became RNC chair in 2017, the GOP has failed to deliver any meaningful election victories in the last three major election cycles: 2018, 2020, and 2022.

In 2018, the GOP lost the US House of Representatives in a rough mid-term election. In 2020, the GOP “lost” both the Presidency and the US Senate in what the mainstream media called “the safest and most secure election in US history”. Then in 2022, the often-talked about Red Wave ended up becoming a Red Ripple in which the GOP gained a slim majority in the House and lost a ground in the Senate.

Louisiana RNC Committeeman Roger Villere succinctly summed up McDaniel’s time as RNC Chairwoman in a recent interview: “She under-performed in all three election cycles. It’s time to move on. If she were a coach, after three election seasons, she’d be gone.”

After three straight poor performances by the Republican party in national elections, McDaniel’s tenure as RNC chairwoman has become an unmitigated disaster. There’s no nice way to describe this situation.

Besides the terrible results in elections, McDaniel has directed the gross misuse of RNC donations toward unnecessary expenses over the past several years. Some examples of wasted funds include private jets, spa/cosmetics, NFL games, high-end clothing, and Broadway shows. Millions of dollars were spent on these items. This blatant corruption alone should disqualify McDaniel from seeking reelection as RNC Chair.

While many issues abound regarding her leadership, Ronna Romney McDaniel is a well-established figure who holds the support of many RINOs and Establishment politicos. So there’s going to be an uphill battle to elect a new person to this position.

Fortunately, McDaniel’s road to re-election should not be a “cake-walk”. More and more RNC committee members are rescinding their endorsements of McDaniel–likely due to public pressure after the abysmal midterm elections.

As mentioned previously, the two main opponents to McDaniel for the RNC chair are Lindell and Dhillon. Many grassroots conservatives are backing Dhillon–including the organization Turning Point USA.

Personally, I support Mike Lindell for RNC Chair due to Dhillon’s somewhat questionable past–including her past support for the ACLU and Kamala Harris. However, either Lindell or Dhillon would do a much better job than Ronna McDaniel. We just need to get replace Ronna more than anything.

McDaniel and other high-ranking members of the RNC have conned well-intentioned patriots for far too long. A leadership shake-up needs to happen throughout the entire GOP–from the RNC to Congressional Leadership and everywhere in-between. Replacing Ronna McDaniel would be a solid first step in shaking up the Republican Establishment.