Wednesday, February 28, 2024

On The Radio In Chicago Yesterday: Leftist Cultural Aggressions And Outrage

As I often do, I was on the air yesterday with Dan Proft and Amy Jacobson on the Morning Answer Show on 560 AM in Chicago.

Dan is steamed about the Respect For Marriage Act and the LGBTQ advocacy spectacle put on at the White House last week and particularly the lack of fight on the Republican side, and he’s echoing to an extent something Matt Walsh tweeted when it happened…

My take, which I expanded on in an American Spectator column which popped out this morning, was twofold – first, if Republicans want to surrender on things like the Respect for Marriage Act, then at least extract a price for it. The fact that the Democrats were able to pass a core piece of their agenda which infuriates so many Republican voters without then having to give up something that Republican voters would want is an indictment of just how politically idiotic the Washington General/Stupid Party is.

But secondly, and this is what I’m going to have a lot more about in tomorrow’s American Spectator column – this stuff isn’t happening by accident. There’s a reason there are drag queens regularly invited to the White House, and it’s not just that the people who run that place are hard-core leftist lunatics.

They’re doing this deliberately to infuriate average Americans. They’re doing everything they can to stoke violence from normal people that they can then politically monetize the way they’ve done with January 6.

Which is an awfully evil thing, to be sure, but we see awfully evil things nonstop from the Left. Whether it’s the sexualization of kids, the preying upon them to create dependency through permanent “gender-affirming” mutilations, the predations on the black community, the invitation to an invasion by illegal aliens to crush the working class of this country, fentanyl…it’s all designed to radicalize normal Americans and create the kind of crisis without which there would be no scintilla of justification for the kinds of actions they want to take with the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security, the intelligence community or whatever.

All of which are obviously in place and just waiting to be weaponized against the people they target.

It was a good segment. Check it out below.