Sunday, February 25, 2024

Put The Mayor Of Little South Bend, Indiana In Charge Of U.S. Transportation, And This Is What You Get

The Biden administration will go down as the most incompetent in American history. The primary reason for this lowly distinction is that their appointees were not hired based on qualifications or knowledge, but on nothing more than woke window dressing.

Pete Buttigieg was named Transportation Secretary for one reason only, he is gay. His qualifications for the position he now holds would not fill a thimble. His presence exists only as a demonstration of far-left smugness.

What the left doesn’t grasp is that being gay, transgender, or a minority alone are not qualifications. You can be who you are, but if you are appointed to a position of authority and responsibility you must be qualified for that position.

This administration consists of nothing more than liberal mouthpieces deliberately creating division and chaos. The examples are many, but for now let’s focus on Buttigieg.

The U.S. Department of Transportation consist of over 55,000 employees and thirteen agencies, which includes the Federal Aviation Administration, the Federal Highway Administration, the Federal Railroad Administration and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The person that holds this position serves as the principal advisor to the President of The United States on all matters relating to transportation.

The population of South Bend is approximately 103,000. So rationally ask yourself, how does a mayor of a small city like South Bend, get appointed to such an important position? More importantly consider this, Buttigieg is obviously not qualified for the job, so what damage will be done by his incompetence?

Buttigieg likes to brag about his time as mayor, but according to residents, his accomplishments were nonexistent. Homicides nearly doubled, meaningful infrastructure improvements lagged, and there were some issues with minorities, specifically the black community. From 2012-2018 black police officers dropped from 29-15, compared to over 200 white officers.

In spite of his inexperience and drastic lean to the far left, Buttigieg has always consistently kept his appearance deceptively conservative. Rarely appearing in anything but a white shirt with rolled up sleeves and a tie.

In his distorted mind, this plants a visual seed that he hopes demonstrates that he is an everyday American with typical American values, which he most assuredly does not have.

In August of last year with store shelves emptying and supply chain issue mounting, Buttigieg a man, took a full 2-month maternity leave.

In June of this year with flight cancellations and delays spiraling out of control because of staff shortages, Buttigieg essentially sat on his hands.

While airlines were knowingly scheduling flights they knew they couldn’t provide, costing consumers time, money and inconvenience, he scheduled what was essentially a photo op meeting with the airlines and washed his hands of any responsibility, instead choosing to wait and see how July 4th went.

So while Buttigieg attends ribbon cutting ceremonies and other noncontroversial nothing burgers, he avoids taking substantial action against the airline industry to stop customer abuse.

Earlier this month, the Transportation Secretary that rants against carbon emissions and criticizes his predecessors for using private travel, came under heat when it was exposed that he has already taken at least 18 private flights on taxpayer funded planes.

Most recently, both Biden and Buttigieg have once again embarrassed themselves by concentrating on woke nonsense while ignoring substantial issues such as supply chain visibility.

The department recently announced plans to award $1.5 billion in grants for projects that promote “racial equity, environmental justice and union jobs in transportation.”

Former HUD Secretary Dr. Ben Carson expressed outrage and called the bill:

“A Christmas wish list of the woke left.”

Meanwhile, a recent IG report found:

“Several vulnerabilities that increase the risk of aviation supply chain disruptions, including the lack of visibility into supply chains, dependence on sole-source or limited suppliers, and lack of access to rare earth metals and elements.” 

While the FAA and the DOT are not required to track aviation imports, major disruptions in the supply chain that were caused by Covid 19 highlighted the need for closer Federal inspection.

A qualified Transportation Secretary with insight may very well have spotted this need and acted on it. Just like a competent individual would have acted on the airline crisis instead of avoiding a confrontation and sacrificing consumer service.

I have witnessed “The blind leading the blind scenarios before,” but none as prevalent as within this administration.

Concessions to the left now include placing unqualified, irresponsible individuals in positions of importance. It’s reckless and endangers our national security.

This movement isn’t “woke,” it’s comatose and unresponsive and it needs to end.