Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Stanford Puts The “S” In Stupidity, Richmond Mayor Says “Hold My Beer”

Just in time for the holidays, Stanford gave parents another reason to consider locking your young adults up when they come home for Christmas Break.

Stanford is the perfect example of why liberal colleges churn out tender skinned, snowflakes, that believe spending their lives being perpetually offended is living a fulfilled life.

In May, the school released  a list of words that should be eliminated on campus. The list titled “The Elimination of Harmful Language Initiative” claims that the words are considered to be either racist, violent, or biased.

The list was back in the news this week when it was revised and included the word “American.”

That’s right folks, stating that you are an “American” is offensive to a certain segment of the cream puff, Stanford student body.

Is it just a coincidence that Stanford’s school sweaters are scarlet red and have a large “S” on them?

So why is the word “American” offensive?

Never fear, the chronically offended believe they have an answer.

It’s not that the word “American” by itself is offensive, they explain, since there are others such as North, Central and South. No, its not the word, it’s the way Americans say, “I’m American.”

By saying it with a sense of pride, these losers think it implies that we believe we are better than the other Americas. Which some may find offensive.

Hello, We Are The Greatest Country In The World! That is as long as we can keep lunatics like these doormats away from the controls.

Here’s an idea Stanford. I know it’s probably a novel thought, but instead of compiling lists of things that are seriously stupid and do nothing but cause division, how about actually teaching these whiners something that will help them in the real world.

Give it a shot, they’ll probably cry at first, but stay strong.

Meanwhile, the Richmond, Virginia Mayor, Levar Stoney also had an idea.

You’ll notice I didn’t call it a good idea.

In fact, in retrospect lets not call it an idea at all. Lets go with a spasm of some kind.

I have no idea what is considered a pressing matter in Richmond, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say that digging up the grave of a Confederate General that has been buried there since 1891, shouldn’t be in the top 1000.

“General Ambrose Powell” AKA “A.P. Hill Jr.” has been buried at the intersection of Laburnum and Heritage with a monument on top of his crypt for the past  131 years. However, Mayor Stoney apparently found him to be a distraction.

Claiming that removing Powell’s remains makes Richmond more inclusive, Stoney celebrated the moment.

By removing Hill’s monument and relocating his grave, Stoney, an obvious Democrat, has now eliminated all of Richmond’s Confederate monuments.

In the past, Stoney has stood in solidarity with black lives matter, and with a straight face, actually blamed the unrest in 2020 after George Floyd on white supremacists.

Believe it or not, narcissist Stoney actually tweeted this after the removal:

“Over two years ago, Richmond was home to more Confederate statues than any city in the United States. Collectively, we have closed that chapter. We now continue the work of being a more inclusive and welcoming place where all belong.”

Someone should explain to Stoney that people visited Richmond because of its rich history, which this fool has now eliminated.

I doubt that anyone is sleeping sounder and feeling more included because some statues are gone.

People like Stoney and all liberals don’t have the depth of self to grow and live with the past. Instead they want it removed, so they can play pretend by trying to eliminate history.

Tearing a page out of a book doesn’t make the book better. It makes the story incomplete and harder to understand.