Tuesday, July 16, 2024

The Mistreatment of Father Frank Pavone

For those who are unfamiliar, Father Frank Pavone is a Roman Catholic priest and a prominent pro-life activist in the United States. Father Frank serves as the National Director for the Priests for Life organization and hosts a nightly show called Praying for America on RSBN.

For decades, Father Frank has publicly expressed his support for President Trump and for the pro-life movement. Unfortunately, his vocal stances have garnered enemies in high places–including the Vatican.

A few weeks ago, the National Catholic Register discovered that the Vatican issued a letter announcing its decision to remove (a.k.a “defrock”) Father Frank from the priesthood. This shocking news upset many faithful Roman Catholic laymen for this politically-motivated punishment.

The Vatican gave fairly ambiguous reasoning for dismissing Father Frank–namely “disobedience” to his Diocesan bishop and “blasphemous” posts on social media. Anyone can come to the conclusion that both of these claims are completely bogus after doing basic research. Nevertheless, this mistreatment of Father Frank sheds light on the hypocrisy of the Vatican. For many years, Church leaders have condoned rogue priests who publicly support abortion and other practices that contradict Church teaching.

After the public became of aware of this situation, Father Frank exposed Roman Catholic leaders for their fear of upsetting Democrat politicians. In fact, Father Pavone pointed out in recent interviews how many bishops strongly disliked Pavone for his outspoken pro-life activism.

Conservative Christians across America should be quite upset about this news. Yet, I have not heard enough Conservative political commentators and media figures talk about this important story.

We need to pray for and stand up for Father Frank Pavone during this trying time. He deserves our backing after decades of defending the rights of unborn babies.

The Vatican’s shameful decision to defrock Father Frank shows that publicly supporting Christian values often carries a cost–indeed at steep cost in Father Frank’s case. May we all have the courage of Father Frank to boldly proclaim Christ and His Word in this “culture of death”.

If you want hear the full story on Father Frank’s situation, then definitely check out his recent interview with Dr. Taylor Marshall: