Sunday, May 19, 2024

Trump Needs To Stop Sucking If He Wants To Win

Yesterday, former President Donald Trump teased on his Truth Social about a “major announcement” This led his hardcore fans to speculate that Trump was going to do everything from announcing a run for Speaker of the House to naming his vice presidential running mate. Instead, we got this:

This announcement went over as well as one would expect. Especially at a time when his strongest supporters are having a hard time feeding their families, paying the rent, and putting gas in the car to go to work. Also, this announcement came at a time when crypto and everything associated with it is in the news for being a scam. Way to read the room, Donald.

This announcement also sends the message that Trump is not serious about this whole running for president thing. Serious presidential candidates don’t promote NFTs or otherwise hawk commercial gimmicks designed to put money in their own pockets.

But it gets even worse. Check out this video that was released hawking the NFT:

At first, I didn’t believe the video was real. But it is.

To add insult to injury, here’s President Joe Biden making fun of the announcement on Twitter.

The Trump campaign, such as it is, tried to do some damage control by releasing a video on free speech.

The video itself, if a bit boring, is noncontroversial on the center-right. These are things the vast majority of people on the center-right can get behind.

But do these people think we’re stupid!? This video was released not as a “major announcement” but to try and deflect from the NFT announcement. The video had some good proposals which is why it is a shame that it is being drowned out by the NFT announcement. This is not the actions of a competent campaign or candidate.

We are less than a month since Trump announced his candidacy in a low-energy announcement speech and it has been one unforced error after another. First up was the dinner at Mar-A-Lago with three antisemites: the clearly mentally unstable Kanye West or whatever his name is, the ironically named neo-Nazi manlet Nick Fuentes, and the washed-up gay British grifter Milo Yiannopoulos. Then there was the nonsense about wanting to be installed as president. Finally, there was the pledge to campaign on the issue of pardoning J6 rioters, an issue that is surely a kiss of death in the general election.

Trump 2015-16 was bombastic, controversial, and had plenty of him talking about himself. But it also featured bold policy discussions on issues like trade, immigration, and foreign policy that were being ignored by the entire political class. Contrast that with Trump 2022 which is essentially one personal grievance after another. Politics is all about what are you going to do for me, not about how you are a victim. So far, Trump 2022 has been all about him, not anyone else.

Donald Trump needs to get his act together and act somewhat professionally. If he can’t do that, he needs to get out of this presidential race or someone else in the GOP needs to beat him in the primary. This country is facing way too many major challenges to have such a clown show campaign as the one we’ve seen so far from Donald Trump.