Sunday, February 25, 2024

Why Is Trump Selling NFT Collectible Cards?

The answer is obviously that he’s a capitalist and a salesman and he’s always going to be selling something, but this?

We noted here at RVIVR earlier in the week that polling indicates Ron DeSantis may be overtaking Donald Trump as the GOP favorite in 2024. That’s not an uncontested notion; in fact, a Morning Consult poll released this week has Trump still substantially ahead…

Squaring the disparity – a 41-point disparity, no less – between DeSantis’ 56-33 advantage in the USA Today/Suffolk poll and Trump’s 49-31 lead in the Morning Consult poll isn’t all that easy. Perhaps it’s just far too soon.

But what we can say is that Trump selling $99 NFT collectibles is the kind of thing that somebody who isn’t running for office and is simply cashing in on their notoriety would do. And if that’s his aim, more power to him. It’s a little cheesy, to be sure, but we’ve certainly seen worse.

But if he’s really trying to make another presidential run, it’s inexplicable. There is no way that this would help him. Left-wing Twitter is falling all over itself laughing at him.

Which isn’t in and of itself a catastrophic thing. It just doesn’t boost confidence in Trump as a disciplined, serious and formidable once and future president. It makes him out to be more of a huckster.

We’re good with the idea that Trump would be the nominee in 2024. But the entire point of RVIVR is that we want to see the revivalist movement, which is more or less the same thing as the MAGA movement, solidify and grow in its own right.

And what that means is that while the movement can be Trump’s to lead, at least for a time, it’s bigger than he is. What he shouldn’t be doing is making this all about himself. And selling collectible junk with himself decked out as a superhero with eyes that shoot lasers? That’s not about the movement, it’s about him.

This doesn’t meet the standard of what America First revivalism needs. Not even close.

That he’s doing it in December 2022 rather than at the height of the 2024 general election campaign is something of a relief.

But Trump has to do better than this. This is not how you recapture the electorate and win the presidency back for ordinary Americans. The Trump train isn’t securely on the tracks right now if it’s about selling digital tchotchkes to the rubes.