Tuesday, April 23, 2024

A Florida Woman’s Life Looks To Be Literally Going Down The Drain

A Florida woman with addiction and mental problems was fished out a storm sewer last week in Delray Beach, the latest in a sad story emblematic of too many Americans whose mental health issues aren’t being successfully dealt with.

Lyndsey Jane Kennedy, 45, has made a habit of frequenting this disgusting realm for the last two years.

On March 3rd of 2021, she went swimming in a Florida canal that was close to her boyfriend’s house at the time. She was reported missing on that same day and was gone for 20 days before she was located when a person walking along the sidewalk heard yelling for help.

When firefighters removed her from the sewer by way of a drainage structure in the area, a naked and disheveled Kennedy explained that she had gone for a swim in the canal and spotted a “tunnel” (storm drainpipe) and entered it to explore. She said she eventually realized that she was lost, and survived on an unopened can of ginger ale she found in her travels through the drainage system. She eventually spotted some light and could see people walking above her through the grate that covered the drainage structure. It was there that her cries were heard and she was rescued.

Police at that time described her as “very lucid” and because of that fact, she was not “Baker Acted,” which allows authorities to institutionalize someone involuntarily for observation.

It was later learned that Kennedy was under methadone treatment and had her last dose on March 2nd, the day before she was reported missing.

A few weeks later in May of 2021, Kennedy entered a rehab facility in Grand Prairie, Texas. Shortly after checking in, she wandered off. She was then spotted swimming in a nearby canal which was reported to the police. However, before they could reach her she escaped into a storm drain to evade them. Over the next few days while police teams continued to search for her, family members and her friends used a tracking app on her phone and dropped Gatorade and food down manholes. Fortunately, she was located in a canal four days later. She was then transported to a local hospital and placed under psychiatric watch.

Then last week, on January 18th, Delray Beach firefighters and police responded to a swimmer in distress call at a local canal. When they arrived, the swimmer ignored them when they asked if she needed help and instead entered into a storm pipe.

The swimmer (Kennedy), then refused to exit the pipe, so firefighters blocked both the entrance and possible escape routes, which limited her to a confined area. This allowed them to climb into a drainage structure and using a harness, they were able to extricate her. She was then transported to a local hospital with minor injuries.

According to her family, Kennedy’s problems stem from PTSD and a psychosis which developed from an abusive relationship. That combined with serious drug abuse cause her to make bad decisions.

Interestingly, after attending a bible class with her mother, Kennedy left her a note stating that she was taking a journey after being inspired by the Biblical prophet Elijah.

One of the stories of Elijah’s life is when he traveled for forty days and forty nights to Mount Horeb, where Moses had received the Ten Commandments. Elijah is the only person described in the Bible as returning to Horeb, after Moses and his generation had left there several centuries before. Upon arriving, Elijah seeks shelter in a cave

Is Kennedy reenacting Elijah’s journey, and are the drainpipes where she always seems to hide a replication of the cave where he took shelter?

Kennedy’s driver’s license was suspended 17 times between 2007 and 2020, which someone needs to explain to me. How is someone’s license suspended 17 times in 13 years?

Also, in July of 2021, two months after being removed from the sewer system for a second time, she was arrested for hit and run. At that time she stole beer from a gas station, fled the scene, almost hitting the clerk and crashed into a car a short distance away.

We have seen many times where a person suffering from mental illness either hurts themselves or someone else. After the tragedy people ask, “Why didn’t someone see this coming?”

It seems to me that this may be the beginning of another dangerous time for Lyndsey Jane Kennedy.

Let’s hope that people close to her notice and take precautions, before she hurts herself or someone else.