Thursday, July 18, 2024

Are Free People Dangerous To Society?

The American Journal of Medicine, the leading medical journal in the United States, has finally, bravely, and unabashedly gone full retard.

In the recently released study, titled ‘Covid Vaccine hesitancy and risk of a Traffic crash,” our glorified “experts'” were able to pull themselves away from studying the mating habits of meth-addicted transexual squirrels to advise us of the direct danger “belief in freedom” and “distrust in government” poses to American’s health and well-being.

The study was sponsored by our benevolent government to demonstrate to the “good folks” and “obedient Americans” the dangers the vaccine refuseniks present to the calm and quiet of the new American dream, which apparently consists mostly of Netflix and Prozac.

It aimed, and admirably/humorously succeeded, to show a correlation between the refusal to get jabbed with a “vaccine,” that doesn’t prevent the diseases, doesn’t slow the spread of contagion, and gives you and your 5-year-old kid ” mostly harmless and completely coincidental” heart-attacks, and the refusal to submit to the wisdom of our betters in other daily matters.

In the “study,” the “science” courtesans correctly demonstrated that people are willing to do what they’re told regardless of what their eyes and brains tell them are also more likely to follow the orders and a million of arbitrary laws. There are 4000 PAGES of new laws and regulations instituted EVERY YEAR.

Loving freedom equates to not obeying orders, which equates to the government punishing you for not obeying its orders.

Boiling that down: freedom is dangerous to people who love freedom because the government and its lackeys will punish you for being free.

As in, freedom is dangerous to your health.

Well-trained dogs bring slippers. Well-trained citizens do as they’re told and follow orders.

That always ends well.

Frankly, the stupidity of the so-called scientific experts is not surprising. They are part of just another institution of the formerly great country that’s been killed and buried, with a bunch of imbecilic tyrants dancing around in its freshly-harvested skin.

Over the last few decades, we learned to see that as the new normal.

The content of the study is just the day-to-day governmental retardation, in line with “racism of the physically fit” and ” white supremacy of mathematics.”

The scary thing is why someone paid to have this crap produced.

Why would someone publish something demonizing 30% or so – the government says 72 % got jabbed, and you know the government wouldn’t lie – of the law-abiding, tax-paying population?

Why would someone want to separate a third of the country into a class of undesirables, the, let’s call them, super-mega deplorables?

That would not be nice. The uniter in charge will surely not go for it.

It’s not like the media and the fuehrer sicking it on were screeching about the deplorable half of America’s inherent evil, untrustworthiness, and lack of loyalty to the party at levels making 30s Germany look like a hippy retreat.

It’s not like the army, and civil and essential services were purged of everyone not willing to take the jab…ahem, the mark of loyalty.

It’s not like to pass through the gauntlet of upper educational institutions (the only path into the upper and governmental overseer class) you are required to choose the side and prove your loyalty by injecting a gene-altering substance into your body.

Nah. This would in no way be the same approach Nazis applied to Jews, intellectuals, priests, individualists, and other undesirables.

Or perhaps the approach communists in the Soviet Union took to deal with intellectuals, individualists, Jews, priests, and other undesirables?

Or the approach Mao took to deal with intellectuals, priests, individualists, and other undesirables. (Chinese commies were fresh out of Jews, but they applied the same to Tibet and are going full bore “Asian Hitler” with Uyghurs as we speak).

And certainly not the same approach the Khmer Rouge took in Cambodia, exterminating intellectuals, priests, individualists, and other undesirables. There were no Cambodian Jews to be found – Pol Pot’s little Asian commies had to make do with killing off everyone wearing eyeglasses and sporting an IQ over 64.

Nah, there is no pattern here at all.

These people are not geniuses. When something works without fail, at least for a while, why, change it?

If you’re still unsure what’s going on, listen to the American prophet of communism himself, Saul Alinsky, openly explaining what’s what:

“8) Class WarfareDivide the people into the wealthy and the poor. This will cause more discontent, and it will be easier to take (Tax) the wealthy with the support of the poor.”

The problem with the US is that you can’t do the proletariat-vs.-the-rich thing. The people now pushing communism, the gosh darn bestest way to enslave the world, are, well, the rich.

It wouldn’t do to have the great unwashed storm in the Martha’s Vineyards – that’s even worse than the non-maid/gardener Mexicans showing up. That just wouldn’t do.

Plus, in socialist utopias, the rich are not the issue. Rich is usually doing great; think about the palaces Chinese party leaders build for themselves or the quaint residences of the government officials in California.

The problem is the middle class. The middle class doesn’t need the government.

And it can not be controlled by the government.

That is exactly why communist heavens are always split into ultra-poor and ultra-rich, with no in-between.

The rhetoric coming from the American government and government-affiliated institutions aims to pit the vaccinated, supported by the government, against the deplorable MAGA middle class.

Studies like the above-mentioned pile of refuse are ordered and baked to provide the justification to be used.

Just as the Nazis blamed Jews for endangering ordinary Germans by spreading diseases, these propaganda pieces aim at convincing the public that the non-vaccinated are a danger to them and need to be dealt with.

Global socialists, national socialists-same snake, different uniform.

The government is winning public support prior to dealing with those it sees as an enemy.

In the name of the children and public goodness, of course.