Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Extensive War Games Portend Disastrous Results For Taiwan Conflict

A story that very quietly slipped under the radar last week was the estimated outcome of the war that would ensue if China attacked Taiwan.

The Center For Strategic And International Studies (CSIS) recently conducted 24 different scenarios of a Chinese amphibius invasion of Taiwan. The simulations titled, The First Battle of the Next War: Wargaming a Chinese Invasion of Taiwan.

Set in 2026, the simulations included Pentagon officials, Naval Officers, and Generals as well as CSIS advisors.

Every scenario result was grim. In every case the U.S. Lost at least two aircraft carriers as well as dozens of other ships, hundreds of aircraft, and thousands of military personnel. Japan’s loses would mirror the U.S. leaving the fighting forces of both obliterated.

The Chinese forces would be decimated just as badly and in each simulation Taiwan would retain its “independence.” However, the island would be shattered, left war torn, with a crashed economy, without electricity or reliable infrastructure, totally broken and still vulnerable.

The simulations interpret the U.S. and its allies stopping China from absorbing Taiwan politically as a victory, but is it?

The cost of the war preparations for Taiwan and our own military, combined with the cost of a prolonged war with another superpower and the rebuilding of our military forces would cripple the U.S. as a global power for an extended period of time.

Of course the cost of all of this falls squarely on the backs of American taxpayers.

If these simulations are correct, there will be no winners and no victory. There will only be death, chaos, and destruction. All of the countries will lose.

The people at CSIS ran 24 scenarios, let’s run one more.

The current state of our military leadership does not inspire confidence. In fact, they inspire the exact opposite, Iraq and the Afghanistan withdrawal have clearly proven that.

As bad as the simulation results sound, what if they are actually much worse.  Remember, under the current ridiculously woke Biden administration nobody is ever held accountable.

On the contrary, these losers retire, become a contributor for some leftist MSM propaganda machine, or worse become advisors for the Pentagon or organizations like CSIS.

So while they revel in their incompetence, they get to continue to poison our future with bad advice and input.

One thing is clear, when China invades Taiwan even under the best circumstances, the results will be catastrophic.