Saturday, May 25, 2024

FAA Covertly Expands Acceptable EKG Test Results For Pilots Amid Mass Evidence Of Vaccine Damage

Let’s say you own a business that requires certain employees to meet specific physical requirements within accepted medical ranges. Then suddenly very few, if any, of your employees can meet the required physical standard.

What do you do? These employees are absolutely necessary for the success of your enterprise and they cannot be readily replaced.

Well if you’re the FAA and you required your pilots to be vaccinated resulting in heart damage, you very surreptitiously increase the acceptable range of the pilots heartbeat.

In October of last year, with no announcement, The FAA Guide for Aviation Medical Examiners extended the EKG parameters well beyond the normal range from PR max of .2 to essentially unlimited.

This change in EKG range now accommodates pilots that have suffered cardiac injury.

The FAA report was exposed by Steve Kirsch, a Tech entrepreneur and founder of The COVID 19 Early Treatment Fund (CETF), Vaccine Safety Research Foundation.

It should be obvious that this change was made so that pilots who previously would have been grounded, are now able to continue to fly. It should also be even more obvious that the vaccine is what has caused the drastic increase in heart issues across the country and the world. The cardiac problems are in addition to the already proven damage the jabs cause to the immune system.

The Epoch Times will be releasing figures later this week concerning a study that was conducted on pilots. That study indicated heart damage in 20 percent of the pilots that were screened.

There are several truly disturbing facets of this revelation.

First, the aviation industry has to be by its very nature, one of the most risk adverse industries. This change does not increase airline safety. In fact, this change increases the possibility of a cardiac event with a pilot.

Second, the secrecy is offensive. The FAA knows that the American public should have been advised, but they are part of this ridiculous “See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil” contingent that believes they know better and the best place for Americans is in the dark.

The truth is this, not a day goes by where a “sudden death” isn’t reported, especially in young athletes. Between January and April 2022, there was a 1,696 percent increase above the historical monthly norm.

It’s time to face the truth. The American public was lied to. The claims went from “Safe and Effective” to what seems like an unending stream of boosters, which in itself proves that their original claim was a lie. Not only did the vaccine not protect you from Covid, but It also causes heart damage, blood clots and immune system damage.

A large clinic in Cleveland completed a study that found compared to the unvaccinated, those that received one jab were 1.7 times more likely to again test positive for Covid. 2 jabs, 2.63 times more likely to test positive, 3 jabs, 3.1 times and with 4 or more jabs, 3.8 times.

The next time government and big pharma, aided by the MSM, try to corrupt your thinking, remember that behavioral scientists have always known that the fear of contagion makes people irrational. From intolerance towards others to compliance with authority, fear is an indispensable engineering tool, and those pushing the “Great Reset” need the “Plandemic” and the fear it brings to keep their plans on track.

Follow the money, big pharma needs paranoia and fear in order to grease the pockets of those that are allowing this farce to change society from independent to dependent sheep.