Friday, July 12, 2024

Here’s How Many Illegal Aliens Got Away Since Biden Took Office

It is no secret that the southern border with Mexico is a mess. But most Americans have no idea just how bad the situation is.

Usually, when numbers of potential illegal immigrants are reported, the numbers are usually just those that have been caught by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP.) What is not often talked about are the numbers who have gotten away from Border Patrol agents. That is until last week.

According to Fox News sources at the CBP, at least 1.2 million illegal immigrants have evaded capture since the beginning of the Biden administration in January 2021. In addition, nearly 300,000 illegal immigrants have evaded capture just in the past four months.

Nearly 300,000 illegal immigrants are known to have slipped past overwhelmed Border Patrol agents since the beginning of fiscal 2023, which began in October, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) sources tell Fox News.

Sources said there have been 293,993 known “gotaways” who have evaded agents but have been spotted through another form of surveillance since Oct. 1.

That averages out to 2,450 a day in the last 120 days. Sources told Fox News the gotaways are now on pace for unprecedented numbers. And border officials are worried because they don’t know who these people are, where they are from or where they are trying to get to within the U.S. interior.

In fiscal 2022, there were nearly 600,000 gotaways. There were 389,155 gotaways at the border in fiscal 2021, and fiscal 2023 is on track to easily outpace those numbers. Last week, agents told Fox News there have been more than 1.2 million gotaways during the Biden administration.

Even more frightening is that it appears terrorist groups are trying to take advantage of the border chaos to slip in their members who intend to harm Americans. In 2022, 98 people who were on the terror watch list were captured by Border Patrol. That is a dramatic increase from the fewer than 10 annually that were captured under former President Donald Trump.

One of the biggest reasons the border is more lawless under Biden than under Trump is potential illegal immigrants knew they would not be welcome under Trump. Whereas potential illegal immigrants, and the cartels that smuggle them in, believe they would be welcomed and allowed to stay under Biden. If you actively discourage something, you will get less of that thing. Imagine that.

It is not just terrorist groups and drug cartels that are benefitting from the failed Biden border policies. Gangs like MS-13 are also capitalizing on them. Over a week ago, an illegal alien MS-13 member was arrested for raping and murdering a 20-year-old woman with autism in Maryland. He had been released into the country last year by the Biden administration.

We need to secure the border before any more Americans lose their lives because of these people.