Friday, July 12, 2024

How America’s Elites want you to “Eat the Bugs”

“I will not live in the pods, I will not eat the bugs”.

In recent years, this catchphrase has gained popularity in online political circles. While this saying is often used in jest, there’s a disturbing trend behind this phrase. The reality is that America’s ruling class is trying to push Americans to start eating literal bugs for human consumption.

When did this disgusting trend begin? Why do our elites want us to “eat the bugs”?

Back in 2013, the United Nations released a lengthy report promoting human consumption of edible insects. In this report, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization stated that it has been “working on topics pertaining to edible insects in many countries worldwide” since 2003. So, the promotion of “eating the bugs” started on a mass-scale started in the 2010s. You can even find plenty of online articles from the 2010s trying to convince people to eat disgusting bugs.

Besides the UN, wealthy investors and billionaires in America have invested money into bug-food start-ups and farms–such as Mark Cuban, Robert Downey Jr., and Mark Zuckerberg’s sister Arielle Zuckerberg. Investment firms are pouring so much money into bug-food companies that it is becoming a fast-growing, billion-dollar industry.

In short, America’s elites are pushing this insect-food garbage on us just to make money. Truly, the love of money is the cause of much evil in this country.

I personally think that the the whole “eat the bugs” meme is a humiliation ritual that the globalist elites want to impose on the Western world. But, that’s just my take on the matter.

Additionally, the “educational” media organization TED Talks has openly promoted the human consumption of bugs to America’s youth. Don’t believe me; then, go check YouTube. You’ll find that a plethora of TED Talks videos with speakers only promoting the human consumption of disgusting bugs.

*Pictured above: A UN Peacekeeping Troop in 2040 forcing you to “eat the bugs”.

If things weren’t gross enough, washed-up actress Nicole Kidman embarrassed herself a few years ago in this cringy Vanity Fair video. Kidman thought it was a good idea to show the whole world that eating bugs is a secret talent of hers. No one is impressed, Nicole.

While I hope this article made you laugh a little, we seriously cannot allow these bad actors to normalize the consumption of eating disgusting bugs. We must all take the pledge from this day forth: “I WILL NOT LIVE IN THE PODS, I WILL NOTE EAT THE BUGS!”