Friday, May 24, 2024

Kill Somebody, Go Trans, Demand A Reprieve And Get Executed

In 1992, Scott McLaughlin, then 19 years old, was convicted of sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl and was placed on the Missouri Sex Offender Registry. He was released in May of 1997.

Then on November 20, 2003, McLaughlin brutally raped and stabbed Beverly Guenther to death as she walked to her car. He then disposed of her body by dumping it near the Mississippi river. He was subsequently convicted of her murder and sentenced to death in 2006.

On January 3rd of this year the following statement was released by Governor Mike Parson’s office:

JANUARY 3, 2023

JEFFERSON CITY — Today, Governor Mike Parson confirmed that the State of Missouri will carry out the sentence of Scott McLaughlin as ordered by the Supreme Court of Missouri.

“McLaughlin’s conviction and sentence remains after multiple, thorough examinations of Missouri law. McLaughlin stalked, raped, and murdered Ms. Guenther. McLaughlin is a violent criminal,” Governor Parson said. “Ms. Guenther’s family and loved ones deserve peace. The State of Missouri will carry out McLaughlin’s sentence according to the Court’s order and deliver justice.”

McLaughlin waited outside Beverly Guenther’s workplace, where McLaughlin brutally raped and violently stabbed her as she walked to her vehicle to go home. McLaughlin terrorized Ms. Guenther for months prior to the point where Ms. Guenther had an order of protection against McLaughlin after McLaughlin broke into her home. McLaughlin’s culpability in Ms. Guenther’s murder has never been in question. Missouri courts have found no issue in the application of Missouri law to McLaughlin, and federal appellate courts have maintained as much.

McLaughlin was then executed later that day.

However, prior to the execution this story drew national attention as Congresswoman Cori Bush & Congressman Emanuel Cleaver loudly and publicly protested the first execution of a transgender prisoner in the U.S.

It seems that approximately 3 years ago, Scott McLaughlin decided to transition to Amber McLaughlin. Transition, in this case is used extremely loosely as McLaughlin never received hormone treatments or underwent any surgical procedures. Not that even those things would have changed the plain and simple fact that McLaughlin was a biological male.

The truth is that Bush and Cleaver used the grave of Beverly Guenther as a soap box to grab headlines. Their bogus arguments in a letter that they sent to the governor, disgust those that base their thoughts in truth and reality with their constant references to McLaughlin as “Ms.” and “her.”

Bush and Cleaver wrote:

“Ms. McLaughlin faced a traumatic childhood and mental health issues throughout her life. She experienced horrific abuse and neglect at the hands of various caregivers; court records indicate her adoptive father would frequently strike her with paddles and a night stick, and even tase her. Alongside this horrendous abuse, she was also silently struggling with her identity, grappling with what we now understand is gender dysphoria. The abuse, coupled with the persistent mental turmoil surrounding her identity, led to mild neurological brain damage and multiple suicide attempts both as a child and as an adult.”

The duo of Democratic hypocrites concluded that:

“Ms. McLaughlin’s cruel execution would mark the state’s first use of the death penalty on a woman since the U.S. Supreme Court reinstated capital punishment in 1976, and even worse it would not solve any of the systemic problems facing Missourians and people all across America, including anti LGBTQ+ hate and violence, and cycles of violence that target and harm women.”

For this pair of hollow charlatans to sanctimoniously attempt to save McLaughlins life because he decided to pretend to be female, while spitting on the grave of the real woman he killed is deplorable.

Scott Mc Laughlin was born a male and was executed as a male.

As a male he sexually assaulted a 14-year-old girl, then stalked, brutally raped, and stabbed to death Beverely Guenther after terrifying her for the last year of her life.

McLaughlin was a killer and HE was executed for HIS crime.

Bush and Cleaver are delusional distortionist of the truth-seeking praise for defending an undefendable lie.