Friday, April 12, 2024

“Madam Maxwell” Teaches Female Inmates The Art Of Polite Degradation

Please stop referring to Ghislaine Maxwell as a socialite, or a disgraced socialite. Ghislaine Maxwell is a pimp, someone who procured women for her abusive, pedophile leash-holder, Jeffrey Epstein.

Maxwell conned innocent women into Epstein’s web where they were degraded and abused. Now, and this is rich, she is “teaching etiquette” to other female convicts in prison.

Her course focuses on what she believes are the three key points of etiquette. (Ready?) Respect, Consideration and Honesty. The three things she never displayed to her victims while living the good life with Epstein.

Maxwell, that speaks four languages, is “teaching” the classes in both Spanish and English with the help of a Columbian translator to accommodate the large Hispanic population.

The convicts that attend these classes which includes murderers, drug pushers and a sprinkling of white collar criminals, all get perks for attending. The course is four weeks long and is provided twice a week. All those that attend get a fifteen-day reduction from their sentence in accordance with the “First Step Act.”

So, besides Respect, Consideration and Honesty, traits that I’m sure are foreign to most of them, what else are these lucky convicts being taught. Well, maintaining a high moral standard, (Cough, Cough, Cough) is a one of the foundations, as is female empowerment.

More specific refinements are developing good manners, speaking in a professional manner, how to dress on a job interview and cultivating self-confidence.

Maxwell’s first set of courses ran through the month of December, but a second four-week course has already been approved by prison officials.

Maxwell somehow managed to get transferred to a soft, low-security prison in Tallahassee, Florida. So, in addition to her “etiquette” classes she also teaches yoga and works in the prison library helping her fellow inmates find reading material.

On the outside, Maxwell was used to hobnobbing with upper crust deviants like Bill and Hillary Clinton, Prince Andrew and many others political figures and Hollywood elites. The “Lolita Express” flight logs have remained closely guarded in order to shield the guilty.

On the inside, the crimes her associates have committed aren’t nearly as sophisticated. One, Narcy Novak, hired hitmen to kill her mother-in-law and her husband in order to gain control of the family estate.

Her mother-in-law was beaten to death with a plumber’s wrench and under orders from Novak, her husband’s eyes were cut out and he was beaten to death with weights.

It seems strange that some of these women, including Maxwell would end up in such a prisoner-friendly atmosphere.

I mean seriously, where else can you get an Oxford-educated pimp that’s been convicted of sex trafficking a minor and transporting a minor with the intent to engage in criminal sexual activity as an “etiquette” teacher.