Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Migrants Serve As A Useful Globalist Tool

That we know of, 2.7 million migrants made their way across United States’ southern border in 2022. That’s over 250,000 a month. It’s also not counting everyone who did not surrender themselves to the border patrol and just sneaked in.

45 to 60 percent on top of the 2.7 million were turned around, refused entry, or flown back to the country of origin, thanks to Title 42. They’re not gone; they’re just waiting to try again.

Additionally, 1,135,749 legal immigrants made their way into the country through a variety of employment and immigration programs.

Another 580,000 overstated their visa and stayed in the US.

Not to mention that 120,000 unchecked and unvetted Afghans were flown in.

And 1.2 million green card holders took the oath of citizenship.

Some 46.5 million of the American population, over 15% of the people living in the country, are foreign-born. That’s a larger percentage than ever before. Even in those days of the Ellis Island great migration it was nothing like it is now.

Why should you care? What is the difference between these people and you?

Here’s why this matters.

Outside of the US, the idea of freedom, individual rights, and a constitution that controls the government instead of the citizenry largely does not exist.

Sure, a few individuals and outlaws understand the concept, but the culture itself in a country like Myanmar or Egypt or Mozambique deplores the idea.

A third of the world is Islamic, a culture with very little to no respect for the individual rights of citizens. Cultures like Chinese or Indian are fully communal. Russia and eastern Europe abolished feudalism in the early 20th century only to happily switch over to being owned by the socialist state.

Individual rights, capitalism, liberty, the civil society – these are Western concepts that people must be assimilated into. Yes, people willing to come to America might yearn to live under them. That doesn’t mean they know how. It’s why throughout our history, while we’ve had periods of wide-scale immigration, those have been balanced by periods of closed borders so that immigrants could be assimilated into the melting pot of our society.

And it’s been necessary to have those periods of assimilation, because this stuff isn’t easy. Most people around the world despise individualism. They’re firmly brainwashed into thinking that it’s selfishness and a threat to their communal way of life.

In previous centuries, people migrating here were looking to shed the oppression of other Western countries and welcomed the freedom of becoming an American. They shared a religious and cultural tradition with folks already here, though the experience of poor Sicilians or Irish, for example, wasn’t quite the same as that of the English colonists. Those minor differences made for lots of ethnic tension as immigrants washed across our shores, but at the end of the day Swedes, Greeks, French and Poles could break bread here in the common understanding of freedom as the basis of the American experience they were choosing.

But with this current massive wave of immigration, it’s not the same. Because freedom is not what most of them are looking for.

This migration is purely economical.

Most of the current migrant wave are not interested in constitutional rights, either for themselves or for you. These things don’t exist in their world and culture. What they’re after is survival.

2. These people don’t come from the background of capitalism.

Most of the migrants of recent vintage do not understand the idea of improving their lives by taking risks and succeeding through hard work. We’re not seeing the continuation of the entrepreneurial immigrant shopkeeper trope we’ve come to recognize. It’s still there, but not in the numbers present just a generation ago.

The cultures so many of these migrants come from don’t really support capitalist mindsets.

For most of them, life is what it’s always been and things won’t change. You are born in a societal position, you stay in that position, your kids do the same, and to wish for something else is, well, evil.

The American founders escaped this mindset in their evacuation of Europe, but unlike the pilgrims, too many of these migrants carry that same feudal mentality. And again, with so many of them coming at once, people already here have less ability to mold the newcomers into Americans.

An analogy to describe this: California liberals and leftists are moving into Montana, Idaho and other Rock Mountain states and dragging in the same policies and beliefs that ruined the places they’re escaping.

And in Central American, African or South Asian countries, the secret to success is more often than not to work yourself into the governmental system, which consequently becomes as corrupt as possible.

That’s what they bring with them, and that’s exactly why the globalist/Marxist junta that’s taken over the US is welcoming them with open arms.

Bedonites know these people will never fit in in the “white fence, v-twin, 75-hour work-week for a couple of acres and a mule of your own America,” but will be a sure fit in perfectly in the new governmental dependence socialist system they’re finishing up.

3. They hate you.

Not being alarmist here but think about how the eternal “kids’ of the latest generation see the country. They hate it. They are taught that America is the evil that strangles the world, its history is racism and slavery, and that the only reason people of the world can’t live in peace and harmony is the evil tendrils of capitalism and Judeo-Christian culture (of which, bull aside, we are the last man standing).

Over 65 percent of college graduates prefer socialism (the system responsible for over 45 million dead in the last century) over the American dream they grew up in.

And that’s our, American kids.

These people are exposed to the same hate Hollywood, and the American government spout to the world about our culture, plus the ever-popular ” the damn Americans are the reason you can’t afford shoes, not the 37 palaces I’ve built for myself and my hookers” brainwashing their government has been feeding them since they’ve been born.

They hate you. And life is worth next to nothing in the places they come from. Your life? Less than nothing, you capitalist pig.

Horatio Alger isn’t the face of the new migrants. Think MS-13.

They are coming here with unspoken, or perhaps well-spoken, permission from Biden and his people, and to the hostility, they’re taught to expect from the evil MAGA rednecks and assorted deplorables.

Just as Lincoln used the Irish against the south (sign up for the army, kill the Americans, get citizenship), Biden is adding an army of people that rely on the government to survive and are brainwashed to hate this country.

They will vote as they are told, say the right things, and do whatever it takes because they see this as a matter of survival.

And that’s all they know; all their culture taught them.

Americans are learning to be good subjects and learning fast, but these people come already properly taught and broken.

Personally, I can’t blame them. I’ve seen the holes they’re crawling out from. But this is the enemy within.

Or, to be more exact, the tool of an enemy.

The tool that’s being bussed into the swing states (remember, it’s racist to ask for an ID when voting), given the right to vote in DC, California, Colorado, and an ever-growing number of other places and offered government and police jobs (as just got passed in California).

Like them or not, sympathize with them or not, these people are not asking; they are taking.

They are not coming in as refugees or immigrants, they are colonizing and settling the country all of us are taught has no right to exist.

Over 4.8 million migrated into the US last year. Over the four years of the Biden regime, that will add up to over 19 million.

It took 7 million for Biden to take the presidency. And Democrats have been touting the “browning” of America for 25 years as their formula for a permanent majority.

Soon it won’t even be necessary to cheat for them to win. Not unless that desperately-needed pause in immigration and determined effort at assimilation, the one which is at least a generation overdue, begins very soon.