Sunday, February 25, 2024

The CDC Is Like A Typhoid Mary Spreading The Woke Virus In Schools

It’s been quite a week for the CDC. They managed to not only humiliate themselves, but to lose all credibility with the American public.

The CDC opened its doors on July 1st, 1946. Located in Atlanta, at that time it had one mission, prevent malaria from spreading across the U.S.

Since then the responsibilities of the CDC have expanded to prevent, detect, and respond to diseases wherever they are so that diseases don’t come into the United States. CDC provides domestic and international leadership, as well as laboratory and epidemiology expertise, to respond and work toward eliminating every disease the department can.

Simply stated, the CDC’s responsibility is to protect the American public from disease … PERIOD!

Yet the CDC, which came under major criticism during the covid “plandemic” for not following the science, while screaming the whole time to follow the science, has now totally dropped off the far-left cliff.

Venturing far out of their lane and squarely into parental space, the CDC is now openly promoting radical LGBTQ propaganda in schools.

Shortly after Christmas, the CDC’s Division of Adolescent and School Health (DASH) released a document that they are calling: “LGBTQ Inclusivity in School: A Self-Assessment Tool.”

This so called “self-assessment tool” isn’t an assessment tool at all. It is a method of “guilt intimidation” designed by the CDC to lean on school districts, teachers, administrators, and school health professionals to instill “woke” inclusiveness where it does not belong.

The document actually goes as far as to urge the elimination of the words “male” and “female” and to replace them with “a body with a penis” and “a body with a vagina.”

Here is some of the wording included in this rag document:

“Creating and sustaining inclusive school environments, policies, programs, and practices that include LGBTQ youth is one strategy for improving the health and academic success of all youth. Inclusive in this context refers to the presence of clear policies or practices that address the needs of LGBTQ students who might otherwise be excluded or marginalized due to factors such as sexual orientation and gender identity/expression.”

“To assist schools and districts in addressing the health and academic needs of LGBTQ students, this self-assessment tool was created to help school and district staff understand current policies, programs, and practices that may contribute to safe, inclusive environments where all youth can be successful.”

First, lets be clear about this. No school under any circumstances should have to deal with this type of harassment from anyone, far less the CDC.

Changing the environment and curriculum of schools to accommodate students that should be treated by mental heath professionals and NEVER encouraged, doesn’t help the students that are sexually disoriented. However, it exposes the vast majority of young people that are secure in their biological sexuality to demented and even perverted perspectives.

Second, calling this an assessment is a joke. The only way a school can score highly on this disgrace is to answer in a radical leftist manner.

The “assessment” consists of multiple-choice questions which are rated either A, B, or C and are used to determine how inclusive the school is.

Upon completion, the school is given one of three rankings”

“Minimally Inclusive” …. “Commit to Change”

“Moderately Inclusive” …. “Break Through”

“Highly Inclusive” …. “Awesome Ally”

The questionnaire is given separately to Teachers, Administrators and School Health professionals.

Teachers are encouraged to display gay and transgender pride flags and other decorations to signal the classroom is “a safe space for LGBTQ students.”

School Administrators are questioned about school policies concerning discrimination and bullying. They are also questioned about policies that would allow students to utilize the bathroom or locker room in accordance with their “gender Identity.”

School Health Professionals are instructed to:

“Present information on all types of sex, not centering on penis/vagina penetrative sex.”

The CDC’s involvement in the level of sexual inclusiveness in schools is unwarranted and can’t be justified under any circumstances. So what would entice a department to range so far out of its primary function?

I have a theory that isn’t substantiated, but seems as logical as any that could explain this completely illogical involvement by the CDC.

The CDC reports to the Secretary of Health and Human Services, a position currently held by Xavier Becerra, who is the first Latino ever to hold that office.

Rachel Levine is the Assistant Secretary of Heath and Human Services and is the first openly transgender person to hold that office.

It wouldn’t be beyond possibility for two people that represent “firsts” for their respective reasons and that work closely together, to encourage each other to expand their personal views. Feeding off this sense of invulnerability ultimately resulted in pushing the envelope outside of the designated role of the CDC.

The CDC needs to be reined in at once and this inexcusable violation into the lives of students and parents exposed and ended immediately. Those involved in this exploitation of perceived power need to be fired, and clear, very clear boundaries put in place for the CDC going forward.