Saturday, May 18, 2024

Welcome to the United States of Anarcho-Tyranny

Earlier this month, I received the January edition of Chronicles magazine–my favorite political magazine. This month’s edition featured some of the magazine’s best articles from early years of Chronicles. One particular article immediately caught my attention, and that article was Sam Francis’s iconic 1994 article “Anarcho-Tyranny, U.S.A.”. You can check out the full version of Francis’s article here.

Now, what exactly is “anarcho-tyranny”? Unless you are an absolute political junkie, then you probably have not heard this phrase before.

Think of “anarcho-tyranny” as a term explaining how a society simultaneously exhibits both chaos and despotism.

Let me provide you with a recent example of “anarcho-tyranny in action”:

During 2021/2022, the city of New Orleans required law-abiding citizens to provide a negative COVID test-result or a proof of vaccination to enter any restaurant, bar, or sporting event in the city. At the same time, the DA’s office in New Orleans failed to prosecute violent criminals and allowed New Orleans to become one of the most violent cities in America. In this situation, law-abiding citizens were punished for not following arbitrary, unconstitutional COVID vax mandates. On the other hand, thugs were allowed to commit crimes at-will and terrorize ordinary citizens … with no fear of legal retribution.

No sane society would ever allow “anarcho-tyranny” to exist in any shape or form. Yet, here we are.

The current American regime purposefully fails to protect law-abiding citizens from crime while concurrently punishing citizens for not kotowing to the latest Regime narrative. True justice no longer exists in the current state of “anarcho-tyranny” we are all living in.

America’s urban core was especially full of “anarcho-tyranny” in 2020 and 2021. Who could forget the “mostly-peaceful protests” in the Summer of 2020 or the Capital Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) in Seattle? Rioters were allowed to wreck most major American cities seemingly at-will–including Portland, Dallas, Los Angeles, and many more. Public Health officials in 2020 even claimed that the COVID-19 virus could not spread during massive social justice protests. At the same time, law-abiding citizens were not allowed to attend Church, school, and work. True “anarcho-tyranny” was at work during these trying years.

Going back to the article itself, the remarkable part about Sam Francis’s article was that he wrote it in 1994–over 25 years before the government imposition of COVID-19 lockdowns and mandates throughout America. This article truly foreshadowed the two-tiered justice system that we are dealing with in 2023.

Here is a truly ominous section from Francis’s article:

Under anarcho-tyranny, the goal is to avoid performing such basic functions as stopping real crime and to think up purely fictitious functions that will raise revenue, enhance the power of the police or bureaucrats, and foster the illusion that the state is doing its job. The victims of these new functions and laws are precisely, otherwise, law-abiding and innocent citizens. It’s easier and more profitable to enforce the law against the marginal lawbreaker than against those habitually committed to spreading mayhem.

That passage succinctly encapsulates the current state of most major American cities in 2023. The inmates get to run the asylum while middle class Americans suffer. Whether you like it or not, that’s just how the system is set up now.

Without a doubt, Francis was ahead of his time in noticing the beginning of America’s trend toward “anarcho-tyranny” in the mid-1990s. By 2020, the nightmare scenario of full “anarcho-tyranny” came into fruition in America during the COVID-19 lockdowns/nation-wide rioting. We are living in a new paradigm in America, and American patriots need to understand what we’re dealing with in our quest to save our nation

Welcome to the United State of Anarcho-Tyranny