Thursday, July 18, 2024

Woke is Truthphobic

Through the ongoing battle for the soul of America, we have learned there is no level too low or tactic too unscrupulous for diabolical woke liberals in their pursuit of authoritarian rule. These people have no moral or ethical compass, which means they can destroy anyone who challenges their warped ideology with impunity. The irony is that while they claw and climb all over each other to reach the top of the woke mountain of sanctimony, they couldn’t give a wit about the carnage they leave behind.

The Fine Art of Smut Labels

Over time, Woke has developed into what can only be termed a political terrorist movement. They have embraced an “ends justify the means” mentality, so if a target loses their reputation, livelihood, assets or family, that’s simply considered collateral damage.

To achieve these ends, Woke operatives employ a number of strategies, depending on the severity of the threat. In cases involving high-profile opponents, these tactics include lawsuits, boycotts, denying access to financial services, and in some cases like General Flynn, criminal charges. Yet, for most low-level nuisance adversaries, the application of a smut label usually causes the recipient to yield, apologize for a non-existent transgression, and slink away into obscurity.

You’ve heard all the labels: transphobic, homophobic, xenophobic, misogynist, Islamophobic, gynophobic, biphobic, climate denier, election denier, and of course, the most damaging of all, racist. Maybe you’ve had one of these labels sully your own good name. Maybe you know someone who has suffered the consequences of this kind of aggression. The woke mob frenzy in attack mode can be utterly devastating. Just ask Dominique Moran.

Moran was an employee at a Southern California Chipotle when she was confronted by a group of African-American men entering the store. Moran recognized two of them from a previous encounter where they employed the “dine and dash” strategy of ordering food and paying with a canceled credit card. After declining to serve the men without payment in advance, one of them began recording a video and adding commentary that accused Moran of racist malice.

Ultimately, the video went viral, and the story was covered by ABC, Fox news and other media outlets. The woke social media mob attacked in a blind rage without pausing to learn the backstory. Dominique Moran lost her job; her reputation was destroyed, and she suffered from lingering trauma long after the mob moved on to its next victim. Solely because of skin color, Chipotle was forced to issue a groveling apology to a group of men who came into their store that day to steal the restaurant’s food.

This same scenario has played out countless times on social media, and most of us are aware of it. The vast majority of ordinary Americans would never want to subject themselves to such a disturbing event, so they maintain a low profile and keep their opinions to themselves. Smartphone cameras are everywhere, so it’s better to stay silent than risk the wrath of the woke mob.

Which is exactly what Woke wants to accomplish. Stifling free speech and opposing opinions is at the core of their authoritarian strategy. It doesn’t matter whether they achieve that goal through criminalizing “hate speech” or through intimidation. If you stay quiet, then the woke narrative becomes the only narrative.

Shaping the Truth

The progressive Democrat movement is grounded in a single fundamental principle: truth is malleable. It should be shaped and fashioned in a way that best supports whatever psychotic scheme they’re hoping to foist on the rest of us. The number of egregious distortions of the truth perpetrated by the left solely for sanctimony and political gain is incalculable, but let’s look at a few of the worst examples:

Russia Collusion: The fake Russia collusion scandal was nothing less than a silent coup. The infamous “pee dossier” was created by the Clinton campaign and purposely leaked to the media. The Department of Justice used these knowingly false stories to obtain FISA warrants to spy on the Trump campaign in hopes of digging up dirt. All along, the FBI was aware that there was no connection between Trump and the Russian government, but they chose to remain silent.

Climate Change: Woke Marxists see a golden opportunity to seize power through climate change mandates. Historically, the earth’s climate has undergone radical transformation, including several ice ages. However, any fluctuation in the climate is now attributed to human activity, and anyone who does not agree with this “accepted science” is labeled a climate denier. The left refuses to entertain any plausible explanations for rising global temperatures that include natural causes because that would hamper their efforts to control the production and distribution of energy.

Systemic Racism: Here is a definition of systemic racism from Wikipedia: “the formalization of a set of institutional, historical, cultural and interpersonal practices within a society that more often than not puts one social or ethnic group in a better position to succeed, and at the same time disadvantages other groups in a consistent and constant manner that disparities develop between the groups over a period of time.”

Read it again and come back…

 Still confused? You’re not alone because Thomas Sowell, perhaps the most intelligent American, is confused as well. Here is what he had to say about the subject:

“It (systemic racism) really has no meaning that can be specified and tested in the way that one tests hypotheses.”

The truth is that ultra-successful African-Americans and people of color like Sowell, Larry Elder, Arthur Moren, Alberto ‘Beto’ Perez and countless others have smashed stereotypes that suggest America has hidden impediments that block entire groups from attaining their personal and professional goals. These falsehoods only serve to discourage young people from pursuing success, and they provide a convenient excuse that keeps people from addressing and overcoming their shortcomings.

Woke is Truthphobic

The next time you hear a woke liberal spewing obvious lies, call them out. They seem to love labels so much, let’s lay one on them. The only difference is that our new label is actually accurate.

Woke is truthphobic. Let’s make the label stick and expose them for who they really are.