Friday, May 24, 2024

A Praying Coach Is “Coercive,” But Kiddie Porn’s Cool In School

First, let’s point out the obvious irony of the woke Marxist left’s reasoning. A college football coach has come under fire for praying before team meetings. Believe it or not, the coach was not only chastised but must submit to training on “Boundaries of Religious Expression.”

Keep in mind that the team in question is made up of college students. Young adults that may not have fully matured but are certainly old enough to make real decisions concerning their future. They have obviously decided to attend college – most on football scholarships at a program of their choosing, and have chosen courses to take, which are important decisions in themselves.

Now compare that situation to when elementary and middle school children are exposed to the lies of critical race theory (CRT), drag shows and pornographic displays. These are not young adults. These are young kids that should not be forced to see, hear, or be exposed to this woke smut in any way. Their minds are impressionable and are susceptible to peer pressure and the suggestive power of authority figures such as teachers, counselors and principals.

The left knows this, of course, which is exactly why they do it. They are predators and the minds of the young are their prey. That’s why they try so hard to hide these “mind melding” attacks from parents.

The football coach in this case is none other than Deion Sanders, nicknamed “Prime Time” when he played pro football. Sanders was the head coach at Jackson State University for three seasons before accepting a job at the University of Colorado in December of last year.

Jackson State plays in the Southwestern Athletic Conference and is a member of the “Historically Black College or University” (HBCU). While there, Sanders was extremely successful and his faith played into his coaching philosophy. He interviewed with “Blavity,” the publication put it this way:

“Coach Prime often referred to his religious beliefs and commitment to God as the main principles of his coaching philosophy and justification for accepting the position at an HBCU. He famously called his contract as Jackson State’s head coach in 2020 “a match made in heaven” and said he had “no doubt” God had a hand in the decision.”

It wouldn’t take long to find out things would be different at Colorado. On February 1st, an atheist group, Freedom From Religious Foundation (FFRF) wrote a letter to the University of Colorado Boulder Chancellor Phil DiStefano attacking Sanders. The letter accused Sanders of “inappropriate and unconstitutional actions” by “engaging in religious exercises with players and staff members.”

The letter stated that:

“multiple concerned Colorado residents” said Sanders has been infusing his program with Christianity and engaging in religious exercises with players and staff members. It is our understanding that on Dec. 20, a staff member led other staff members in a Christian prayer to start an official meeting. More egregiously, on Jan. 16, Coach Sanders directed a staff member to lead players and coaches in Christian prayer before a team meeting.”

More egregiously?? Are you kidding me??

These leftists thugs classify prayer as egregious behavior, but condone the filth of CRT, drag shows, etc. as necessary.

The letter went on to single out a particular prayer that the group was aware of:

“Lord, we thank You for this day, Father, for this opportunity as a group. Father, we thank You for the movement that God has put us in place to be in charge of. We thank You for each player here, each coach, each family. In Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen.”

Wow, that is egregious.

It continued:

“Coach Sanders’ team is full of young and impressionable student-athletes who would not risk giving up their scholarship, giving up playing time or losing a good recommendation from the coach by speaking out or voluntarily opting out of his unconstitutional religious activities, even if they strongly disagreed with his beliefs. Coaches exert great influence and power over student-athletes and those athletes will follow the lead of their coach. Using a coaching position to promote Christianity amounts to religious coercion.”

Oh, I see.  “Coaches exert great influence and power over student-athletes and those athletes will follow the lead of their coach. Using a coaching position to promote Christianity amounts to religious coercion.”

Yet, teachers injecting hatred and sludge into the minds of grade schoolers isn’t coercion.

“The University should not lend its power and prestige to religion, amounting to a governmental advancement of religion that excludes the nearly thirty-seven percent of Americans who are non-Christians, and the nearly one in three Americans who now identify as religiously unaffiliated. Sanders’ religious activities alienate and exclude a significant portion of your students and staff members. “The University of Colorado must take action to protect its student-athletes and to ensure that Sanders understands that he has been hired as a football coach and not a pastor. We request that Sanders be educated as to his constitutional duties under the Establishment Clause. He may not promote religion in his capacity as head coach. We further request notification in writing of the actions the University is taking to ensure that Sanders will not continue to proselytize to his players or subject them to coercive team prayers,”

The University’s response was typical of the weak narrative that continues to bow down to these self-righteous lunatics.

Their response asserted that Sanders was “very receptive to this training and came away from it with a better understanding of the University of Colorado’s policies.”

I have written about it before and I will say it again now. If religion, which is a belief system and a lifestyle choice is banned as to not offend anyone, then how is CRT, lesbianism, homosexuality, bi-sexuality, transgenderism and queer theology, also belief systems and life style choices not banned as well?

This is a constitutional issue. Like religion that can be practiced freely by all individuals, but not displayed or promoted in order to influence others, the same needs to be applied to all other lifestyle choices. Free to be practiced, but not publicly in order to influence, intimidate, or offend.