Friday, April 12, 2024

A Short Leash From Kroger To Snoop Dogg

Well, we can add a Kroger supermarket in Peachtree, Georgia to the brain-dead woke list. Apparently, because a few lemon eating clowns saw a Snoop Dogg wine display, their mental stability was shaken.

Johnnie Jones, a former president of the local NAACP told WSB-TV Channel 2 that he “felt that it was offensive. They’re really promoting alcohol. Proud of drinking wine? No. We’re proud of the Tuskegee Airmen whose shoulders I stand on. We need to be thirsty for knowledge.”

Really? That’s great. You should be proud of the Tuskegee Airmen, but that has absolutely nothing to do with a wine display in a Kroger supermarket.

The display consisted of a life-size cutout of Snoop with a table hosting his wine and another label called Black Girl Magic Wine. Next to the display was a sign board that read “Celebrating Black History Month” It also displayed a clenched fist and phrases like “Dream Like Martin,” and Say It Loud, I’m Black and I’m Proud.”

Kroger claims that others complained as well. Some saying that black trailblazers like Atlanta’s first Black Mayor, Maynard Jackson, or Ed Johnson, the first Black Mayor of Fayetteville.

Why A Kroger store in Peachtree, Georgia would honor the first black mayor of Fayetteville is beyond me. Beyond that, what don’t these people understand about Kroger being a supermarket?

Supermarkets sell food and things like wine. Snoop is the face of a successful wine brand. He is also a successful rapper, and most importantly in this particular case, he is black.

The display was to honor his success and to promote his brand. Why is it that these liberal lunatics can’t grasp such simple, common-sense ideas?

Snoop Dogg and 19 Crime’s first collaboration was with a wine called “Snoop Cali Red.” That wine turned out to be the number one selling wine innovation of 2020.

In 2021, they collaborated again on “Snoop Cali Rose’,” which was the first California rose’ for the brand.

All these self-righteous fools accomplished was to insinuate that a successful black entrepreneur should not be celebrated because of the product that he is involved with.         

Their actions didn’t elevate the black race. On the contrary, the left demonstrated once again that they can’t differentiate between logic and fallacy. They want everyone to believe that everyone and everything is out to exploit their version of truth.

The problem is the left has no truth. They worship lies and ideological falsehoods and they are constantly trying to convert people to their congregation.

If the simple display of a successful black entrepreneur supposedly offends a former president of the local NAACP, you have to ask yourself, when is the “offense” real and when is it overhyped, attention-getting nonsense?

My gut tells me that 100 percent is a logical answer.