Friday, May 24, 2024

Awful Italian Immigrant Murder Case A Warning To The Rest Of Us

A Nigerian drug dealer that raped, murdered then dismembered an 18-year-old girl in 2018 was back in court last week seeking a reduction in his life sentence.

The murderer, who has the most inappropriate name in history, Innocent Oseghale was convicted by an Italian court in 2018 for the murder of Pamela Mastropietro.

Oseghale entered Italy as an immigrant in 2014 seeking asylum. By 2018 he was selling drugs as a member of the Nigerian Mafia. A sect that is considered the most ruthless mafia in the world and has already colonized portions of Italy and is stealing business from traditional mafia families.

It was while selling drugs that Oseghale met Mastropietro, not long after she left a drug rehab center in Pollenza.

In spite of his conviction of such a horrific crime, Oseghale is appealing the rape portion of his sentence, and if successful, he may receive a reduction in the amount of time he must serve.

Not surprisingly, Mastropietro’s mother, Alessandra Verni, was incensed that this was even being considered. So much so, that she appeared in court wearing a T-shirt bearing the gruesome pictures of her daughters dismembered body.

Her outrage is understandable. This animal, raped, tortured, murdered, and then dismembered her daughter. He then stuffed her body into two suitcases before discarding them in a ditch. So why would any court anywhere even grant this monster an appeal with the possibility, no matter how slight, of a sentence reduction?

Describing the images on her shirt as a “Wake Up Call,” one of which clearly showed her daughters decapitated head on the coroner’s table, she screamed in the courtroom:

“Have you seen what they did to her? That man, who raped and tortured her, should rot in jail.”

“I wonder what is the point of re-prosecuting Oseghale, questioning sexual violence and opening up the possibility of a sentence reduction. Did he not exercise enough violence to merit life imprisonment? Anyone who saw those images knew that if they were made public they would shake consciences.”

At one point, Verni screamed at the murderer, “Tell me! Tell me what you want!”

To which the obnoxious Oseghale yelled, “Enough judicial oppression.”

In truth, the murder may be even more ghastly. Vincenzo Marino who was in prison at the same time as Oseghale, testified he overheard him confess to the murder.

Marino testified that Oseghale stabbed the teen immediately after having sex with her.

“They had a fight, they pushed, Oseghale stabbed her in the liver and after a first stab Pamela fell to the ground,” he said.

Marino then said that Oseghale left to get another man to help him get rid of the body. “Upon returning, convinced him that Pamela was dead and started dismembering from the foot.”

Oseghale then allegedly stabbed the teen again after she attempted to cry out.

Marino said that the murderer did not name his accomplice but:

“He had washed the body with bleach because it would not have been known if she had died of an overdose or murdered. He said there was a sack in the fridge to put the pieces in, but they did not fit in there and that he had to cut it and put it in two suitcases.”

The Italian judiciary will decide what happens next. Let’s pray they are not of the same mindset as the liberals who threw open the borders and allowed a spate of American horror stories to pour through.

Does this type of tragedy sound familiar? Left unchecked it will only get worse.