Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Blue San Francisco Waves White Flag Over Red States

Maybe Tony Bennett should have left his brains instead of his heart in San Francisco.

Back in 2016, San Francisco officials thought it would be a good idea to ban city funded travel to 6 red states or contracting with those that had passed LGBTQ legislation. The ordinance titled 12X, later expanded to include states that enacted voter integrity legislation and abortions restrictions, which means currently 30 red states have now made the city’s list.

Typically, Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom exhibited that laws and boycotts are for other people, but do not apply to him. Similar to when Newsome was seen at a fancy dinner during the pandemic while enforcing stifling mask requirements on the peasants, Newsom flew to his in-laws ranch in Montana last year, a banned state.

Apparently, the dim-witted officials that enacted this childish boycott didn’t have the foresight to anticipate the inversely proportional consequences.

Since San Francisco enacted their “we’ll teach them a lesson” move, the red states are unfazed. None have changed their views on voter, LGBTQ, or abortion rights.

That fact was stated in a 16-page report which was sent to the Board of Supervisors from the City Administrators office on February 10th.  The report cited that the city’s boycott:

“has created additional administrative burden for city staff and vendors and unintended consequences for San Francisco citizens, such as limiting enrichment and developmental opportunities. Meanwhile, the city was not able to find concrete evidence suggesting 12X has influenced other states’ economies or LGBTQ, reproductive, or voting rights.”

The report went on to address the city’s contracting woes which are already oppressive and costly:

“a loss in competition is likely to increase the city’s contracting costs by 10-20 percent annually. These costs could continue to increase and compound overtime as the city’s potential contractor pool shrinks if the list of banned states grows.”

After reviewing the report, The Board of Supervisors committee approved a repeal of the ordinance. It will now head to the full board later this month for a vote.

San Francisco is a prime example of a liberal Democratic city that punishes its residents with narcissistic, self-righteous legislation. A city that is now facing a $728 million dollar budget deficit over the next two years, tried to impose their Marxist views on other states and paid the price for their ignorance.

As that great philosopher Forest Gump once said:

“Stupid is as stupid does.”