Saturday, July 20, 2024

Disney Shows Determination To Go Woke AND Broke With Divisive New Cartoon

Once upon a time in a land far, far away in central Florida, there was a Magic Kingdom that delighted parents and children. Occupied by two beloved mice and a whole host of enchanting characters, the imaginations of countless children were stimulated to look up and wish upon a star.

Children were taught to embrace happiness and to understand that their imaginations as well as their abilities were limitless. Parents loved the idea that their was a safe haven that allowed their kids to enjoy their childhood while stoking their fires for growth with upbeat stories.

Then along came the woke left to soon discover the moral integrity of the kingdom wasn’t magical at all. In fact, it was basically non-existent.

Dragging a dark black storm cloud behind them, which they ironically refer to as white supremacy, they infiltrated the kingdom. The dark cloud now casts a shadow over the very essence of childhood and rains down terms like reparations, slavery, protest, privilege, racism, and systemic prejudice upon their impressionable psyches.

Disney is no longer a breath of fresh air. Instead they are a gust of vile wind of propaganda, division, and hatred down the throats of children.

Disney has just released the second season of what they call a “coming of age” story. It’s titled “The Proud Family,” but believe me, Disney has nothing to be proud of.

The series has added a 14 year old black character named Maya. Since this is an animated cartoon and the character of Maya doesn’t really exist, the words that come out of this character’s mouth are not those of a real 14 year old. No, the lies and hatred spewed by this fictional character come from the distorted minds of woke leftists, pushing a radical agenda that only they believe in. These Marxists are so morally bankrupt that they shamelessly use a cartoon as the vessel of their deceit.

The story takes place in the mythical town of “Smithville.” In one episode titled “Juneteenth,” Maya discovers that the town’s namesake Richard A. Smith owned slaves. This comes after a truly inspiring bit of 1619 Project-style inspirational agitprop disguised as entertainment…

Maya uses this knowledge to instigate civil unrest by forming a Black Lives Matter protest at the base of a statue honoring Smith, where they chant:

“Richard A. Smith, his legacy is a myth.”

No cartoon is complete without an attempt to smear the police, right? So the cartoon creators have riot police show up at the disturbance menacing the kids with batons. Then one character asks another to “use his white privilege” to dissuade the police not to hurt them.

Later, the town bows to the whining of the left and removes the statue. They also change the town name to “Emilyville” after a slave from Smith’s plantation.

In another episode, the writer’s bring up the tedious issue of reparations once again. At a school talent show, the kids sing this ridiculously woke song:

“We the descendants of slaves in America, have earned reparations for their suffering, and continue to earn reparations every moment we spend submerged in systemic prejudice, racism and white supremacy that America was founded with and still has not atoned for.”

In another scene, a teacher tells her class that Abraham Lincoln did not free the slaves and in fact, Lincoln “really didn’t care about freeing slaves.”

The show also claims that “emancipation” is not freedom.


e·man·ci·pa·tion: The fact or process of being set free from legal, social, or   political restrictions; liberation.

The freeing of someone from slavery.

Perhaps the writers should open a dictionary and research American history before openly lying to today’s children.

Disney is under the control of woke activists, that fact cannot be denied. Their message promotes self-loathing, guilt and hatred of country.

In their distorted realm, childlike dreams and limitless imagination, which are necessary attributes of childhood, do not fit their agenda.

It might well be time to boycott Disney and any corporation that ambushes the minds of children. Unless you think America will survive and prosper with this as the entertainment our kids will grow up on…