Tuesday, July 16, 2024

It’s not About “Red vs. Blue”

Last week, Joe Biden gave his 2023 State of the Union address in front of the US Congress and the nation at-large. As the opposition party, the Republican party’s leadership selected Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders to give the GOP’s response speech.

To be honest, I really don’t care about what Joe Biden says or what the GOP leadership says or thinks at this point. The fact is that “Republicans vs Democrats” political dialectic is a false dichotomy. I am not going to keep playing this inane game where Conservatives view Republicans as the “good guys” and Democrats as the “bad guys”.

The argument I’m making here is not a “Centrist” argument. If you’ve read my previous articles, then you would know that I write from an unabashedly America First conservative/nationalist. Nevertheless, we all need to recognize that American politics is more nuance than just the typical “Republicans vs. Democrats” arguments shown on cable news.

A better way to view American politics is through a frame of “nationalism vs globalism”. This more accurate understanding of politics transcends political party affiliation and gets at the heart of the real issues facing our nation.

Nationalism vs Globalism

Both political parties play different roles in supporting the current globalist, “America Last” Regime running our nation.

The Democratic party exists to set the tone for the American Regime. In essence, Far-Left political activists, Democrat politicians, and institutional leaders lead the charge to degrade the historic American nation—in particular erasing Social Conservatism through public education, American identity through mass immigration, and Christianity through mindless entertainment. In recent years, Democrat leadership has wholeheartedly embraced amnesty for tens of millions of illegal aliens, unrestricted abortion, Climate alarmism (e.g. the Green New Deal), Critical Race Theory, Transgender ideology, hate speech laws, and more. Don’t believe me, just look at the 2020 Democratic Party Platform.

While the Democratic party actively promotes degenerative America Last ideologies/policies, the Republican party aids the Democrats in this dynamic in a covert manner. Time and time again, the GOP perpetuates our current Regime (the “Globalist American Empire”) by offering milquetoast resistance to the political/cultural advances of the Globalist, Anti-Christian/Anti-white crusaders in the Democratic party.

The Republican party generally exists as the “controlled opposition” party in American politics. All the Republican party does is complain about the Democrat Party/Liberals currently supports and then adopts those same positions ten years later.

Even back in 2010, no mainstream Democrat or Republican politician and conservative pundit supported gay marriage or transgenderism. Just a decade later, the insufferable neo-con Sean Hannity interviewed the famed transgender Bruce Jenner about his gubernatorial run in California. The largest “right-wing” television network (i.e. Fox News) even interviewed a drag queen on Jesse Waters’s show a few month ago.

The utter pathetic state of the GOP and the broader Conservative movement is palpable. The leaders of the Republican party, Conservative media companies, and Conservative youth organizations have failed to conserve anything at this point.

Additionally, the GOP seeks to gatekeep authentic nationalists and Christian conservatives from influencing the political conversation. The GOP’s response speech to Joe Biden demonstrates how the Republican party wants to go back to talking about “Big Government,” “Taxes,” and “Islamic Terrorism”—rather than the Nationalist, Culture War issues that the America First base/constituency cares about.

Personally, I don’t want to go back to the old days of the Bush years where Republicans supported mass legal immigration, never-ending “Forever Wars”, and Corporate Tax cuts. We should desire the anti-establishment, America First Spirit of 2016 to infuse our nation’s political system. We–the true vanguard of the America First movement–have to stop viewing politics as a game of “Red team vs Blue team” if we want to stop the Globalists in both the Republican party and the Democratic party.