Saturday, April 20, 2024

Let’s Stop Kicking Masculinity In The Balls

Last week at the Genesis Invitational golf tournament Tiger Woods was paired with his good friend Justin Thomas. On the ninth hole, Tiger, who is much older than Thomas, and has suffered some major injuries over the last few years, out drove him. As they walked down the fairway towards their shots, Woods discretely slipped a tampon into Thomas’s hand. Unfortunately, not discretely enough.

Once it became known what the object was, some became outraged. Karen Sugar, the CEO of something called the Women’s Global Empowerment told TMZ that Tiger’s tampon moment was not only misogynistic, but also tone-deaf and straight-up disrespectful to women and girls all over the world.

She then continued, saying she wondered if Woods was implying that “periods are embarrassing, shameful or a sign of weakness?”

Sarah Stirk, a British commentator said “It was laddy, blokey behavior, passing him the tampon, effectively saying, ‘I’ve outdriven you. You’re driving the ball like a woman.’

“Effectively, the inference of the incident that happened to me says females, women are inferior to men. Women should not be portrayed as being inferior to men in any walk of life, and certainly on a sporting landscape.”

Well, to Karen and Sarah and anyone else out there that has a problem with this, I suggest that you seek psychological help. If you can’t understand the fact that men and women are different, then the problem is yours. Have you noticed that the average length of a PGA course is 7,200 yards, while a typical LPGA course is around 6,400?

Sarah was right about one thing. When Tiger slipped Justin the tampon he WAS implying that you’re hitting the ball like a girl. You see Sarah, here on planet earth that is called a JOKE. Tiger was teasing Justin the way that guys tease each other. If that fact offends your delicate sensibilities, then too bad.

It’s none of her business what happens between Tiger Woods and Justin Thomas or what jokes they tell each other.

The attacks on masculinity are unjustified and frankly display a true sense of insecurity. The people that attack masculinity are implying that they prefer the alternative, which is feminism. Not feminity. I have yet to hear a man implying that women should be more masculine.

That said, there are a few men that have decided that they also want to bend the rules of masculinity, as though if something is purely masculine it’s wrong.

Case in point, Tristan Casas, first baseman for the Boston Red Sox. Casas has vowed to paint his fingernails red and his toenails white before every game this season.

The question is why?

Well according to Outsports writer, Ken Schultz, Casas is helping to change the “stereotypically macho image of MLB players for the better. This girly look is great for baseball.”

“For one thing, they look excellent. Casa’s red nails are really going to pop when set off against the classic bright white of the Red Sox home uniforms. Adding glitter to one finger on each hand is a delightful extra bit of zazz. Casas choosing to zhuzh his middle fingers is also a nice tribute to the favorite digit of Boston sports fans, especially when the New York Yankees are in town.” 

The obviously excitable Schultz, was excited about players being able to “step outside the stereotypical testosterone-fueled jock image of masculinity that the game has embraced in the past.” 

For the sake of full disclosure, it should be noted that Ken Schultz is gay (I know, that’s shocking, right?), so his perspective on this is not the definitive opinion.

I can say without trepidation that most baseball fans could care less if a players nail polish “pops” with their uniform colors. I can also say that Red Sox fans have no problem using their middle finger, and glitter does not enhance the effect. In fact, it offers an avenue for ridicule.

Tristan Casas isn’t making baseball better by wearing nail polish, and he isn’t making it more “inclusive.” Casas is making a personal statement, that’s all. He wants the approval of the woke, liberal left for self-gratification, nothing more.

Simply put, baseball won’t be better with the blessings of the insane. And if Tristan Casas isn’t more than a marginal player like he was last year, when he hit a paltry .197 with five home runs in 76 at bats, he’ll be taking his painted nails down to Triple-A ball and nobody will care what he does.

Notice how Schultz referred to baseball as a “testosterone fueled jock image of masculinity.” People like Schultz attack the traits of masculinity insinuating that they are outdated and wrong. However, God forbid that anyone would disparage the traits of homosexuality. You’re a bigot for doing that, but Ken Schultz isn’t a bigot for disparaging traditional males.

Here is the truth: The vast majority of people do not fall into any of the LGBTQ categories. Men therefore, will display masculine tendencies and women will display feminine characteristics. If you are one of the minority of people that choose to live your life within the LGBTQ sphere, God bless you and have a great life. However, stop attacking those who don’t choose to engage in your beliefs and stop trying to influence people using guilt or accusatory words like bigot.

When you do, you don’t enhance your cause, on the contrary it breeds contempt.

Lasting acceptance is never gained through pressure in any form.