Friday, May 24, 2024

Our Transportation Secretary Is A Clown, And He Proved It Again

It seems like not a day goes by without the obnoxious incompetent Pete Buttigieg doing or saying something which embarrasses the entire federal government.

Buttigieg, who managed to score a position as Joe Biden’s Secretary of Transportation not because he knows anything about supply chains, travel, logistics, roads, ports, airports or any of the other crucial infrastructure and systems which keep the country moving but because as mayor of tiny South Bend. Indiana for a while he made enough of a name for himself as a semi-articulate openly gay man who got elected in a red state to earn status as a “rising star” in the Democrat Party.

Modern Democrats care far more about identity than competence. So the party was looking for a gay politician who looks somewhat professional in a suit and Buttigieg fit the bill.

He ran for president in 2020, and that didn’t go well – but Buttigieg was more competitive than other more accomplished candidates like Andrew Yang, Liz Warren and Kamala Harris, so much so that for a brief moment in the Democrat primaries he had an opening to win.


Bernie Sanders had a bigger opening to win, and the party certainly couldn’t have that. So Buttigieg traded his presidential aspirations for a shot at a cabinet post, got behind Joe Biden and rode the improbable general election victory to his current job.

And that hasn’t gone well.

Our supply chain is largely broken, something which was patently obvious last year when shortages of just about everything cropped up as ships idled off the California coast while the ports of Santa Monica and Long Beach backed up. Buttigieg was busy on “paternity leave” as he and his homosexual partner were adopting two babies. Nothing was done for two months.

Those problems haven’t really gone away, but they’ve largely been eclipsed by the chaos at airports caused partially by weather but also by pilot and crew shortages the administration has imposed via vaccine mandates, not to mention obsolete airline software that the federal Department of Transportation had the power and knowledge to help remedy.

Nothing ever gets solved in Buttigieg’s department. It rolls from one crisis to the next while he prattles on about woke subjects. Buttigieg came into office kvetching about “racist” highways – it seems that when the interstate system was being built through cities, the white bastards who designed the roads carved them right through the mostly-minority slum areas leading into the downtown areas and in doing so did damage to poor neighborhoods.

And now he’s complaining about something else in an appearance this morning which has nothing to do with the massive Ohio train derailment that DOT ought to have as Priority One…

It almost feels gratuitous to attack Buttigieg for his serial unseriousness. What’s fair to not is that the construction workers aren’t “white” per se – they’re disproportionately Hispanic. That’s who works construction nowadays, and it’s a good thing they do – contractors large and small will tell you that Latin American immigrants are great workers who show up on time, work efficiently and display solid craftsmanship.

And rather than laud the people who do good work without which the construction projects in progress across the country wouldn’t come in on time and on budget, Buttigieg is busy bitching that not enough black people are working on construction crews.

It isn’t like there’s a surplus of quality construction workers out there, by the way. Nobody is discriminating against blacks in those fields.

But at the end of the day, Buttigieg’s job is to try to shepherd and facilitate those federal transportation infrastructure projects to completion. It isn’t to shape the demographics of the workforce.

Of course, he thinks that is his job. Which proves this is not an administration of serious, competent people.

We can’t rid ourselves of clowns like Pete Buttigieg and Joe Biden fast enough.