Saturday, May 25, 2024

Teachers Who Promote Pedophilia Should Be Fired

Recently, a teacher in the San Francisco Bay area used her Twitter account to proclaim that sexual relations between a child and an adult is not “intrinsically harmful.” Zara DeGeneres, (who will be referred to as “DeGenerate” for the remainder of this article) tweeted:

“Sometimes in education, a student hits you with what can only be described as a curveball. In my case, as a provider of consent-awareness and sex-positivity-oriented courses, I often find myself getting pulled towards some rather tricky and politically fractious subjects.”

“Degenerate” went on to explain that one of those, “tricky and politically fractious subjects” encompass the age of consent laws.

A reply I often hear when explaining the topic of sexual relations among minors and between minors and adults, is “how is it abuse if I wanted it?”

On “DeGenerate’s” LinkedIn page she describes herself in this way:

“International woman with a small w. Pagan Witch, Sex and Relationships Educator, HIV Prevention in Middle and High public schools, LGBTQ+ Youth.”

Since “DeGenerate” is teaching middle school and high school students on sexual subjects, it’s easy to picture that question being asked. The question itself demonstrates that children and even young adults still aren’t mature enough to grasp the consequences that this type of relationship can cause.

The question is naïve and a competent teacher would have recognized that and given a thoughtful answer on a delicate subject. Instead, “DeGenerate” did what far left liberals do. She didn’t answer the question responsibly, instead she used it as an opportunity to inflict her personal beliefs on her students.

“The answer to this question is that sex between a minor and an adult isn’t intrinsically abusive, nor innately harmful.”

“DeGenerate” states that sex between a child and an adult is only deemed as inappropriate because of outdated Christian morals. “DeGenerate” further argues that the only harm children suffer from is from guilt inflicted upon them by “highly religious parents,” stating that children are entirely capable of consensual sex with an adult.

Since harm in casual relations with peers and adults comes from guilt and social conditioning or in thankfully rare cases, force, which is always wrong, it’s important to drill these ideas into kids from an early age. As sex-positive educators, we have a responsibility not to teach the next generation to see themselves as helpless victims, especially young girls.”

In an attempt to reinforce her argument “DeGenerate” then pointed to a 1997 study by psychologist Bruce L. Rind. Laughingly, by choosing this study all “DeGenerate” reinforced was how liberals will lie in order to make their nonsense sound legitimate.

The stated purpose of the study was to determine whether child sexual abuse caused pervasive, or significant psychological harm for both males and females.

The study was controversial, in that it stated that the psychological damage caused by abusive encounters depends on other factors, such as the degree of coercion or force involved. However, the authors concluded that even though child sexual abuse may not result in lifelong, significant harm to all victims, this does not mean it is not morally wrong and indicated that their findings did not imply current moral and legal prohibitions against child sexual abuse should be changed.

In September of last year, another high school teacher in Texas, Amber Parker was recorded telling her students not to use the term pedophile. Instead, she urged them to use the term “Minor attracted persons.” On the same tape, Parker was also heard saying:

“Don’t judge people just because they want to have sex with 5-year-olds.”

On September 6th of last year, the El Paso Independent School District’s Board of Trustees unanimously voted to fire Parker.

“Degenerate” and all others inflicting their “smut” view of life on America’s children deserve the same fate as Parker, with one added element. They should have their teacher’s licenses revoked and they should never be allowed to step foot into a classroom again.