Thursday, February 29, 2024

The Disturbing Cancellation Of “Christ On The Water”

Here’s what the world has come to. Anyone can walk into anywhere, bitch about anything and no matter how ridiculous the complaint is, have their demand met.

The latest example of horrendously weak leadership kissing the ring (that’s not the word I wanted to use) of a pack of snot nosed, whing leftists is the Merchant Marine Academy.

Merchant Marines have a reputation of being extremely tough, dedicated and patriotic. During World War II, nearly 250,000 civilian merchant mariners served as part of the U.S. military, transporting supplies and personnel.

Between 1939 and 1945, 9,521 merchant mariners lost their lives, a per capita casualty rate greater than those of each U.S. Armed Forces branch. 

Yet, apparently their sacrifices, faith, guts, and dedication weren’t valid enough for those in charge of the Merchant Marine Academy to stand up to 18 fragile snowflakes and one beyond arrogant and self-entitled mouthpiece.

The academy located in Kings Point, New York, has been the home to a painting titled “Christ on the Water” since the 1940’s. It has hung in the “Elliot See Conference Room in Wiley Hall” as a tribute to those brave mariners that lost their lives in World War II.

Then in January, the lily-livered academy covered the painting with a white curtain to satisfy 18 disgusting crybabies and one loudmouth from the Military Religious Freedom Foundation.

The politically correct statement released by the academy was obviously written with their tails tucked firmly between their legs:

“Our priority is to ensure the Academy is a welcoming environment for all and that it respects all religions without endorsing one over any others. In light of this, the Academy has chosen to cover the painting with curtains and will also install a plaque describing its history. The curtains will remain closed when official Academy meetings and events are conducted. This solution balances legal requirements with the concerns of those who have an interest in the painting.”

In the complaint, Mikey Weinstein, the foundation’s founder, said the painting was an example of “sectarian Jesus supremacy.”

“The outrageousness of that Jesus painting’s display is only further exacerbated by the fact that this room is also used regularly for USMMA Honor Code violation boards where midshipmen are literally fighting for their careers,” he groused, “and, often even more, as they face the shameful ignominy of potential expulsion with prejudice if found guilty of USMMA Honor Code violations.”

Mikey (Who Hates Everything) added that students “quite correctly believe that the display of the ‘Jesus painting’ is totally violative of the clear time, place and manner requirements of the No Establishment Clause of the U.S. Constitution. Given the utterly illicit and unconstitutional time, place and manner of its prominent display in one of the main administration buildings at USMMA, and during absolutely mandatory attendance gatherings there, it clearly projects the sectarian supremacy of Jesus Christ in some sort of obvious ocean rescue scenario for what appears to be distressed mariners in an open boat. It’s as though USMMA is screaming that Jesus Christ is the only approved solution to all of life’s difficulties.”

Blah, Blah, Blah

Whatever, Mikey.

In 2019 the Supreme Court ruled that “historic displays with religious symbolism are not a violation of the constitution.”

The entire episode has raised the ire of Jim Banks, Republican Congressman from Indiana.

“Covering this painting isn’t about ‘constitutional concerns,” it is just the latest example of the Left’s woke agenda,” said Banks. “The piece, titled ‘Christ on the Water,’ was designated a heritage asset by the Maritime Administration and has significant historical value. The painting depicts an image of Jesus and merchant seamen adrift in a lifeboat during World War II.”

Banks stated that he stood “with more than 4,400 midshipmen, alumni and community of the United States Merchant Marine Academy have signed a petition asking for the removal of this curtain to allow the original artwork to be viewed and that a plaque describing the historic significance of the painting be placed alongside it.”

Banks also sent a letter to Secretary of Transportation Buttigieg (which is like beating your head against a wall, because it feels good when you stop),  demanding that the painting be uncovered.

Now, the nonsense must stop and the academy must do the right thing.

Tell Mikey and his 18 friends to sit down and shut up, then tear down the curtain and honor the men and women that died for this Country.