Friday, July 12, 2024

They’re Spinning John Fetterman As Brave; Is That What He Is?

Leftist Democrats have an innate ability to spin their relentless pursuit of power, which is often intertwined with a cold-hearted defiance of decency, into victory.

I have no idea who wrote this, but I want to insert it here because it is one of the best description of Republicans and Democrats that I have come across and sadly it is true.

It’s time to pull our heads out of the sand and change this narrative.

So to my anonymous friend, I give you credit for this description.

If it seems like the Democrats always know how to use power more effectively than Republicans, you would be absolutely correct.  However, few people really understand the reason for it.  So, I will repeat.

The Republicans want money.  The Democrats want power.  The Republicans use power to get money. The Democrats use money to get power.  The ideology of the Democrats drives their donor funding.  The donor funding of the Republicans drives their ideology.

This core truism carries forward beyond electoral politics and into the realm of legislative battles and oversight conflicts.  Republicans want money as their primary objective.  If the Biden administration wants to get an ideological bill passed, the Democrats simply buy the votes of Republicans (especially Senators).

As an additional outcome, Republicans in congress have no core values, no core objectives, no goals to achieve.  After all, their structural goal is money.

Give Republicans power and they don’t know what to do with it, because the voters essentially boosted the dog to catch the car… now what?

What you see in the outcome of elections is that Republicans do not have any plan for power, because it’s not the issue that takes up their intellectual time.  That’s reserved for deep analytical thoughts about how to make money from (XXX).

The Democrats know this, they know the main mission of Republicans. Ergo, the Lawfare DOJ pats the Republicans on the head and waits for the frustrated voters to get sick of the GOP doing nothing again, and the Democrats simply wait them out.

We have been in this repetitious abuse cycle for about two decades.

Battered Conservative Syndrome is a very real thing.

It was their pursuit of power that propelled them to nominate and then steamroll Biden into office. A man with declining mental health that barely campaigned. A man with compromised personal and family ties to foreign countries and still they manipulated him into power.

Biden is a puppet; they knew it then and they know it now. The strings on his back grow more obvious every day. They didn’t care then and they never will. By placing him in office they sent a Very Clear message to the American people.

We don’t care about you, or your vote. We are taking power and you can’t stop it. 

Perhaps it was the sleazy stigma that oozes out of Biden’s pores that allowed them to look past the humanity of making a public fool out of him. Whatever, they accomplished their goal.

They conducted themselves in the same manner with Fetterman last year. They needed the Senate seat and they ruthlessly pushed him into office. It isn’t bad enough that the poor chump looks and dresses like Uncle Fester on the Addam’s Family, but a stroke last May left his brain scrambled.

The stroke resulted in the need for surgery to install a pacemaker and an implanted defibrillator. The procedures caused him to remain hospitalized for nine days. Upon leaving the hospital, he basically withdrew from public view until last August, which is understandable in order to recuperate.

In his public appearances since then he has demonstrated obvious cognizant difficulty. Most of which has manifested itself in the ability to not speak fluently. He phrases it as “having difficulty with his auditory processing and speech.”

This difficulty caused him to refuse to debate Dr. Oz who continually pressed him to do so, or to withdraw for health reasons. Fetterman’s handlers viewed this pressure from Oz as disrespect and mocking someone that has suffered from a stroke. They loudly criticized Oz in an attempt to turn logic into a detriment.

Finally, Fetterman’s camp agreed to one and only one debate. However, they had conditions. First, they wanted the debate to be held on October 25th which was just two weeks before the election, but a full month after mail in voting had started. This was an obvious attempt to minimize any damage visually watching Fetterman during the debate would cause. Second, they want close captioning to be used on monitors that are visible to the candidates. This was an attempt to allow Fetterman to better understand what Oz was saying.

The Oz campaign knew this and asked that the debate be extended to ninety minutes. They also asked to have the moderator explain to the viewers that Fetterman was reading captions off of the monitor. Lastly, and perhaps the most telling, is that Fetterman requested two “practice” sessions at the Harrisburg location so he could “feel comfortable” with the closed captioning.

Does this sound like a man that is fit to hold a senate seat?

Another puppet, another example of an uncaring drive for power and another victory.

The spin continues. They have set the bar that Fetterman is “Brave” for seeking help. Now, any Republican that states the obvious truth … that Fetterman never should have run for any office will be chastised.

Republicans must learn from the liberal liars in the DNC. They must not only learn how to preemptively strike and set narratives, but they must also learn how to circumvent, or shatter if necessary the nonsense spewed by liberals.

John Fetterman is not a hero, he is a victim of his own and his party’s greed for power. His condition is sad, but he and his family allowed his life to be manipulated by people that could care less, once they get what they want.