Sunday, May 19, 2024

Viruses, Dystopias, Zombies, Earth Worship, and Hypochondria

“This is the Constitution of the United States. I’ve read it cover to cover. I don’t find anything in it about vaporizing 2,600 American citizens. But it does say, several times, that no person shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process.”

 – from the movie Outbreak

For years I have kept a notebook on my nightstand so I can capture the fleeting and random thoughts that often plague me at the most inconvenient of times. Not long ago I woke up and wrote down some thoughts that apparently could not come to me at 2:00 pm, but rather 2:00 am – rude, to say the least. But if I do not write these thoughts down when I wake up, I will be up the rest of the night dwelling on them. What came to me this time was a film reel going back decades that moved forward through time showing unique patterns and relationships in movies and how those movies not only programmed a population’s expectations but also how these movies served as a warning.

To make it simple, the sequence of the movies I found started with those about viruses, then dystopian realities followed by zombies. Consistently wrapped about these themes that seemed to build on each other were the movies emphasizing earth worship or heavy environmentalism. These thoughts solidified themselves after seeing the never-ending commercials about the sicknesses and diseases out to kill you even though the list of possible side effects of those same drugs are what would seem more likely to kill you. Hence the popular statement, “the cure is worse than the disease.”

After writing these main ideas down, it still took me a while to organize everything I had written down and sort out how this was relevant to people today. The so-called pandemic and all it revealed in society provided many of the answers. 

As I wrote down movie titles and themes, I was able to look back and see how these movies influence culture and program people’s responses to what happens in real life. Let us take a quick look at these themes.

Viruses – A devastating disease begins in a remote part of the world and quickly becomes a pandemic with the potential to kill millions, if not billions, of people. Heroes of the medical community move in and within days an effective vaccine is developed, spread around the world, and the problem ends in two hours or less. 

Dystopian Realities – The United States, maybe the world, is destroyed and people survive in a post-apocalyptic environment. The odds for this seem better than normal these days.

Zombies – I know I, too, had a harder time with this one. Most of these scenarios start with an out-of-control plague that warps humans and animals into monsters. I say look to the pharmaceutical industry and the COVID “pandemic” with the resultant “vaccine.” It is not hard to imagine a scenario where humans are warped by bad medical science.

Earth Worship or Environmentalism – Humans are the cause of the destruction of the earth or the worst environmental catastrophes ever recorded. Reminds me of the time I was part of the movie 10.5 The Apocalypse. If only we had taken extreme measures to prevent it all in the first place. We could shut down pipelines, force people into electric cars, create a problem called global warming or even undefinable climate change then force people to comply out of fear.

The Plague of Commercials – You are subject to every imaginable medical threat or need possible. It could be a list of diseases and conditions requiring you to buy medications, or a narcissistic desire to sculpt your body and even try to prevent natural aging. The same fear, and resulting hypochondria, means you will buy what the pharmaceutical industry desires, and “fix” yourself.[i]

With all the artistic and linguistic talent resident in Hollywood, it seems unlikely that they could so readily miss some of the ironies in the movies they produce. Not only do these movies often reflect reality, but sometimes they have a way of predicting the future as well. My concern is that many of those who produce these movies are willing to take part in a mass experiment that programs a population to be receptive to dangerous and destructive actions.   

There of many of us who recognize and resist the programming and to quote Divergent, “There’s a certain beauty to your resistance.”

[i] Modern medicine and science have worked miracles. But how many medications do we really need? Is this demand driving supply or a psychological tool to push people to feel the need to constantly buy drugs and enhance profit margins?