Friday, April 12, 2024

What John Kennedy Did To A Climate-Change Cultist Was Nothing Short Of Legendary

Let’s introduce you to someone named Robert Litterman, who is a retired Goldman Sachs executive now pushing climate-change extremism. Litterman was one of the pioneers of quantitative analysis on Wall Street, and “quants,” as they’re now called, make up a sizable proportion of the folks driving investment decisions for major brokerage firms and institutional investment houses.

He’s not a dumb guy.

But Robert Litterman, when he retired from Goldman, decided to become an environmental advocate, and he’s involved in a whole raft of the Usual Suspect climate nut groups. Litterman is the director of the Woodwell Climate Research Center, the World Wildlife Fund, something called Resources for the Future and something else called Climate Central. Per Wikipedia, he’s also on the economic advisory council of the Environmental Defense Fund, and he’s on the boards of the Julie Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability at Arizona State University, the Woods Institute for the Environment at Stanford University, the Heller Hurwicz Economics Institute at the University of Minnesota, the Commonfund, and the Climate Leadership Council.

There don’t appear to be any smoking guns to indicate that these outfits Litterman is involved with are Chinese-funded, but on the other hand there is an awful lot of reason for suspicion that they are. The Climate Leadership Council, for example, is loaded with people who do a lot of work with the Chinese regime, and that’s true of the World Wildlife Fund and the Environmental Defense Fund as well.

So we’re not accusing Robert Litterman of being mobbed up with the ChiComs, but we’re not not accusing him, either. Let’s just say we have suspicions.

And that’s our best guess for why John Kennedy was able to make Robert Litterman look like a mumbling dunce by asking a couple of sarcastic questions after getting some utterly breathtakingly clownish answers to real ones.


Again, Litterman isn’t an idiot, though he might not be quite as smart as he thinks he is (one suspects nobody on earth could meet that standard). But the idea Kennedy challenges him on, that Chinese dictator Xi Jinping is going to sacrifice his country’s economic development for the goal of carbon neutrality when that economic development is the only thing staving off revolution among the 1.5 billion people over whom he rules, is fanciful.

As the Washington Free Beacon noted, the demonstrated reality completely contradicts that idea.

Litterman’s praise for Xi flies in the face of the Chinese leader’s recent rhetoric on green energy. Last year, Xi promised to prioritize “energy security, industrial supply chain security, and food security” over the fight against climate change, which he said should not threaten “normal life.” China—which emits more carbon per year than the entire developed world combined—has also failed to honor its pledge to ditch coal-fired power in favor of green energy, particularly as the communist nation faces energy shortages.

And Litterman has to know the truth despite the windbaggery he unleashes in response to the question.

Which makes us suspicious about the amount of influence the Chinese have over not just Litterman but the entire environmental movement.

Our regular readers will likely notice that we’ve picked up a bit of late on things investor and author and potential 2024 presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy is saying. One of which is that Chinese influence behind global warming/climate change rhetoric is palpable, and that China is a direct beneficiary of the self-limiting policies we’re engaging in to chase this imaginary monster. Ramaswamy notes that “woke” ESG investment houses like State Street, BlackRock and Vanguard have pressured companies like Exxon and Chevron to adopt attempts at carbon neutrality – which amount to less drilling for oil across the globe. That makes for higher gasoline prices in America, but it doesn’t necessarily mean less oil in supply. Some of the projects those American oil companies are passing on in the name of the climate are being taken on by companies like PetroChina.

And, as Ramaswamy notes, BlackRock is the largest single private investor in PetroChina, owning six percent of its stock.

So when somebody like Litterman comes along running his mouth about the need to become “carbon neutral” by 2050, refuses to put a price tag on it and affirms that Xi Jinping will surely do something he’s never done and nobody in their right mind believes he will do, it’s suspicious.

As entertaining as it is that Kennedy popped him with the tooth fairy and Easter bunny, maybe it would have been more substantial if he’d asked Litterman if he’d ever been to Beijing, how much Chinese capital is invested with Kepos Capital, the investment house he helps to run, and how much Chinese cash pumps into these environmentalist shops he spends his time with.

Because our suspicion is that the true answers, which Litterman likely wouldn’t want to give, are pretty juicy indeed.