Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Will the real Tucker Carlson please stand up?

Back in college, I was a big Tucker Carlson fan. During 2020 and 2021, it became a daily routine for me to watch YouTube video clips of Tucker’s nightly show. I couldn’t get enough of Tucker. The man became one of the most iconic political commentators in American politics in the late 2010s, and he played an important role in influencing my political philosophy. In fact, I even read both of his two most recent books and saw him give a live speech at the 2020 Student Action Summit and the 2022 AmericaFest conferences (both hosted by TPUSA).

However, I noticed that something changed with Tucker in late 2022. His once legendary opening monologues became a fairly bland Fox News talking points. Not that long ago, Tucker used to openly talk about the Great Replacement, defended Russia against neo-con saber-rattling, and bashed the politicians for allowing BLM rioters to burn down the nation throughout 2020. Tucker’s shared key aspects of the America First agenda to millions of viewers each night, and I am grateful for how he pushed the “Overton Window” for political discussions further to the right.

Unfortunately, several red flags have emerged around Tucker Carlson that should make us question if he is truly the “America First”, conservative warrior he depicts himself as. So with that, here are a few concerning areas that people need to be aware of about Tucker Carlson.

1. Tucker’s Duplicity surrounding the 2020 Presidential Election

Tucker Carlson Tonight is the most popular cable news show. Tucker’s show brings in over 3 million viewers a night–which a truly remarkable feat considering the overall decline of the cable news industry. Nevertheless, Tucker has shied away from one of the key issues in American politics: the stolen 2020 presidential election.

In recent days, comments made by Tucker Carlson and other Fox News hosts were released as a part of the Dominion Voting’s defamation lawsuit against Fox News. These comments essentially showed that Tucker Carlson does not personally believe that the 2020 presidential election was stolen. Yet, he was willing to echo the stolen election narrative to viewers because in his own words “our viewers are good people and they believe it”.

This recent revelation has definitely called into question the integrity of Tucker Carlson’s commentary and reporting. If he is willing to mask his personal views about the 2020 election to his appease his viewers, then what else might he be obfuscating? How can Tucker’s viewers trust him to give candid commentary after this duplicitous behavior? These questions are fair to ask considering the gravity of this situation.

This red flag alone is highly problematic. However, once add it on top the other “red flags”, then we should all reconsider our support for Tucker.

2. Tucker is shilling for war with China

A few weeks ago, Tucker abandoned his America First position on foreign policy and joined the rest of the neo-con Fox News hosts (e.g. Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, etc.) in shilling for war with China. Tucker used to be one of the prominent anti-“Forever Wars” voices in the conservative media sphere. Yet, he is now trying to divert his viewers’ attention away from our nation’s true enemy (i.e. the current American regime”) and toward our the manufactured foreign adversary (China).

What’s strange is that Tucker publicly criticized the Biden admin several months ago for attempts in “provoking a hot war” with China. Something must have changed in the past few months because Tucker now kotows to the standard neo-conservative, Fox News rhetoric you find about how “China bad”. Even worse, Tucker now brings on guests who are openly discuss how conflict with China is inevitable. Are you kidding me?

Sorry, but I do not want millions of young American men to die for the Military-Industrial Complex and women’s rights in Taiwan. An “America First” foreign policy mirrors the restrained, peace-through strength policy decisions of President Trump–not the America Last decisions/rhetoric of John Bolton, George Bush, and Nikki Haley,

Of course, China is not friendly to America. China steals American technology, unleashed the COVID-19 virus, and took away millions of American manufacturing jobs for decades. Nevertheless, China is not America’s biggest enemy, and it’s not even close. The current American regime (a.k.a. the Globalist America Empire) is much more responsible for perpetuating American decline. America is no longer great because of internal decay, not external threats.

3. Tucker’s support for Gay Marriage

Last December, Tucker gave a disappointing personal admission on his nightly show. He openly endorsed gay marriage on his show and deflected by claiming that “Transgenderism” is actually the real issue. The tweet below shows a clip of this exchange on Tucker’s show:

Link to December 2022 Tucker Carlson Tweet with video clip

While Tucker’s support for gay marriage did not make any major news headlines, many social Conservatives and Christians were quite disappointed by this statement. What are we even fighting for if the top conservative political commentator has no personal qualms with gay marriage? Tucker needs to clean up his act when it comes to social conservatism, the 2020 election, and foreign policy rhetoric.

To close this article, I will leave you with this disappointing piece of information. In the past week, private text message from Tucker revealed his private disdain toward President Trump following the 2020 election. Tucker texted his show producer that President Trump “destroy[s] things. He’s the undisputed world champion of that. He could easily destroy us if we play it wrong …”–following the election.

On a closing note, please understand that my critiques of Tucker’s recent behavior are from a place of genuine good will. I miss the old Tucker Carlson of 3, 4 years ago, and I hope that he reverts back to the fantastic political commentator that he once was. Based on the way Tucker is currently going, I can no longer say that Tucker Carlson is “our guy”. So, the question remains: “will the real Tucker Carlson please stand up?”