Friday, April 12, 2024

WOKE MORON ALERT: Norwegian University Says White Paint Is Racist

You knew it was just a matter of time, …. now white paint is racist.

On one hand, I feel bad for white paint, it seems like such an easy target. After all it makes things white, that’s its job. On the other hand, I’m proud. White paint makes no excuses, even though it suffers from an acute case of whiteness and spreads it wherever it goes.

The University of Bergen, located in Norway, is conducting a study to see if white paint contributed to white supremacy and if it helped make the world whiter.

They should have just asked me. Of course it makes the world whiter, it’s white paint.

The study named “NorWhite,” is funded by The Research Council Of Norway, a government agency, to the tune of approximately $1.2 million. The project is headed by Associate History Professor Ingrid Halland and the goal is to explore the paint’s historical importance and its origins in Norway.

A further explanation of the study states, “Whiteness is not only a cultural and societal condition tied to skin color, privileges, and systematic exclusion, but materialize everywhere around us. Although Norway is not a conventional colonial power, this project will show how the country has played a globally leading role in establishing white as a superior color. Until now, however, this story has been lesser known to scholars and the public.”

The study clarifies that the paint pigment titanium white was developed in Norway and the project will look at its development “through historical, aesthetic, and critical” lenses to determine how the development of the color contributed to “social transformation” as well as how the innovation led to “planetary consequences. Currently the Norwegian innovation titanium dioxide (TiO2) is present in literally every part of modern life. The primary research question is: What are the cultural and aesthetic changes instigated by titanium white and TiO2 surfaces and how can both the material in itself and these changes be conceptualized and made visible?”

Huh? …. It’s just white paint.

“The overall objective of NorWhite is to critically and visually investigate the cultural and aesthetic preconditions of a complex and unexplored part of Norwegian technology and innovation history that has, as this project claims, made the world whiter.”

OK, if you say so.

It’s still just white paint to me.