Sunday, May 19, 2024

2nd Grade Teacher Daniel Jackson Elevates Student Self Esteem Using “Tie Tuesday”

What a breath of fresh air. There are so many teachers trying to sabotage childhood by exposing children to unnecessary and unwanted sexual exploitation, or burdening them with hateful rhetoric about the country they live in.

However, at Dixon Elementary school, 2nd grade teacher Daniel Jackson, is taking a simpler, but more constructive approach. Every Tuesday Jackson holds an event that he has named “Tie Tuesday.” It provides an opportunity for students to get dressed up and to learn how to tie a neck tie or bow tie.

“I’ve been at Dixon for five years, and each one of my students has had the opportunity to learn how to tie ties but also show their own professionalism.”

Learning to tie a necktie is a fond memory for Jackson. His grandfather taught him how to tie one when he was seven years old.

“Tie Tuesday is my favorite day of the week. Everyone comes to the second floor, and they’re like “let’s see what you’re wearing today.”

In an interview with Fox 32, he related how after learning to tie a necktie from his grandfather, he then experienced a dress up day that originated in his college fraternity.

“In college, I was reminded of how my grandfather taught me how to tie a tie. And I knew I wanted to teach other young men and women how to tie a tie just as I’ve done in our classroom.”

What’s wonderful about this program is the self-esteem boost it give to the kids. They learn a practical skill, but they also get to interact with each other and visualize themselves in an elevated light.

One student told Fox 32, “When I Wear a tie, I feel like a businessman.” Another stated, “Tie Tuesday helped me in class by motivating me to keep my grades up.”

Yet another said that he “liked it because, I just think we look fancy.”

Parents are even starting to get onboard by donating ties, noting that student are now continuing to wear the ties after they leave second grade.

Jackson himself was a student in the Chicago Public School system (CPS) from elementary school through high school. He then attended Illinois State University, and is now attending Chicago State University in pursuit of a master’s degree. His ultimate goal is to become a principal.

Jackson is obviously a teacher who cares about the students that he has the opportunity to educate. Having gone through the very school system that he now teaches at, gives him extra “street cred” that success can be achieved.

Learning to tie a necktie or a bowtie may not sound like much, but the life skill is secondary to the way it allows these young people to see themselves.

Jackson explained that he just wants to expose his students to, “a different side of the world that I know.”

“We’re not trying to make our children perfect, but we’re trying to improve their lives.”

Bravo Daniel Jackson and best of luck in the future.