Friday, June 02, 2023

Alvin Bragg, The Newest Face Of A Crumbling, Tiered Justice System

Alvin Bragg is the Manhattan DA so desperate for recognition, that he continues to push for the indictment of Donald Trump in a case the state has NO chance of winning. This fallacy of law involves the infamous Stormy Daniels, an ex-porn star and the alleged money she was paid before the 2016 election.  Worse yet, Bragg’s reported star witness is Michael Cohen, a convicted perjurer and well known Trump hater, as was pointed out by House Judiciary Committee Chairman, Jim Jordan:

“In addition to the novel and untested legal theory, your star witness for this prosecution has a serious credibility problem, a problem that you have reportedly recognized. This case relies heavily on the testimony of Michael Cohen, a convicted perjurer with a demonstrable prejudice against President Trump.”

Jordan added, “In 2019, when he testified before Democrats on the House Oversight Committee to aid their fruitless investigation into President Trump, Cohen lied again, six times. He has been vocal about his deeply personal animus toward President Trump.”

In 2018, Cohen was sentenced to three years in prison after pleading guilty to federal charges, which included lying to Congress, as well as campaign-finance violations and tax evasion.

In any other case, if your name was different from Trump, this would be labeled as being “settled out of court.” The very same way thousands of other politicians, Hollywood types and major corporations have for many decades. However, in Trump’s case it’s called Hush money … Ssssshhhhh.

Bragg took office in January of 2022. He represents the first ever African American to be elected District Attorney of Manhattan. Like many liberal Democrats, he ran his campaign on “progressive prosecution reform.” For those of you that haven’t been able to translate liberal lingo, allow me to help.

Woke: … Sound asleep, ignorant of reality, pressing for ideologies of chaos, supportive of domestic terrorism, believes in 37 sexes, prefers unilateral hatred and misery over capitalism.

Progressive Prosecution Reform: … Any crime, short of decapitation, against conservative citizens is considered a misdemeanor which requires no bail. Any crime, including remarks on social media against liberals, is considered a hate crime, punishable by death or life imprisonment with The View played on a constant 24-hour loop.

After being elected, Bragg released his “Achieving Fairness and Safety ”memo, in which he outlined his prosecution guidelines. Keep in mind, these are a woke liberal’s ideas of things that are good for his constituents.

Bragg has de-prosecuted entire categories of criminal behavior and slashed sentencing guidelines to the extent that the detriment to committing them has basically evaporated.

He will not charge any defendants with resisting arrest, which means every NYPD officer will be susceptible to an unnecessary brawl. He will also decline charging traffic infractions, which has led to deadly street racing in other cities such as Minneapolis and Chicago. He will also not charge people for trespassing, see San Francisco for related consequences.

As dangerous as these changes are, Bragg’s stance on major crimes is even more frightening. . Bragg’s mandates mean that armed robberies of businesses will no longer be charged as “robberies,” but only as larcenies. If a gun-wielding robber steals less than $1,000, which is usually the case in a store robbery, the defendant will be only charged with petty larceny, which is a misdemeanor. Felons in possession of a firearm will be charged with only misdemeanor offenses, which is nothing more than the equivalent of unlicensed possession. Drug traffickers will be charged with felony drug dealing only on the rare occasions that they are actually caught in the act of delivering the drugs. Dealers possessing any amount of drugs and packaging material, but not caught in the act of actually delivering the drugs, will instead be charged only with drug possession, a misdemeanor. This means that a drug dealer caught with 50 kilos of heroin would only be charged with misdemeanor drug possession, not drug trafficking.

In Bragg’s Woke Dreamland, the only people that would be held in jail pretrial are murderers and shooters that cause serious injuries. So if you go off and fire 100 shots into your ex-wife’s car you wont go to jail as long as no-one gets hurt.

Guilty of Domestic violence, sex crimes, public corruption, etc. relax, you’re not going to jail.

While we’re on the subject of jail, Bragg says that the maximum sentence for any crime will be 20 years and vows that his office will never seek a life sentence without parole.

It is inconceivable that this woke clown, who places the citizens of New York at risk every day, driven by nothing other than Trump derangement syndrome, would use taxpayer funds to continue to persecute Trump. It should be noted that in 2019, Federal prosecutors in the Southern District of New York, opted out of bringing charges against Trump or anyone else beyond Cohen for campaign finance violations related to the Stormy Daniels payment.

Jim Jorden also slammed Bragg for his policies and implied that an investigation is required. “His progressive criminal justice policies that allow career criminals to run the streets of Manhattan requires congressional scrutiny about how public safety funds appropriated by Congress are implemented by local law-enforcement agencies.” 

He added, “The only intervening factor, it appears, was President Trump’s announcement that he would be a candidate for President in 2024.”

This is another example of how “woke progressivism” means the Exact Opposite. When it comes to justice, this translates clearly as a tiered system, where “Justice For All” is replaced by the left with “we will persecute who we want.”

You have to ask yourself, with our elections obviously compromised, our morality crumbling and a justice system that views justice as unnecessary, how long will it be until the world views us a third world country?