Thursday, June 08, 2023

Canadian Care Packages To Africa Filled With Food And Propaganda

Obianuju Ekeocha is a native of Nigeria and an author. In January of 2018 her book: Target Africa: Ideological Neocolonialism in the 21st Century was released.

In the forward from her book, a troubling trend is spoken about from supposedly helpful hands.

Since the end of colonization, Africa has struggled with socio-economic and political problems. These challenges have attracted wealthy donors from Western nations and organizations that have assumed the roles of helper and deliverer. While some donors have good intentions, others seek to impose their ideology of sexual liberation. These are the ideological neocolonial masters of the twenty-first century who aggressively push their agenda of radical feminism, population control, sexualization of children, and homosexuality.

The author, a native of Nigeria, shows how these donors are masterful at exploiting some of the heaviest burdens and afflictions of Africa such as maternal mortality, unplanned pregnancies, HIV/AIDS, child marriage, and persistent poverty. This exploitation has put many African nations in the vulnerable position of receiving funding tied firmly to ideological solutions that are opposed to the moral and cultural values of their people. Thus many African nations are put back into the protectorate positions of dependency as new cultural standards conceived in the West are made into core policies in African capitals.

This book reveals the Western influence over Africa that is rarely talked about. Drawing from a broad array of well-sourced materials and documents, it tells the story of foreign aid with strings attached, the story of Africa targeted and recolonized by wealthy, powerful donors.

On March 7th Lucy Akello, a Ugandan Member of Parliament, spoke to the Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Development, and she wasn’t pulling any punches. She made it perfectly clear that she is tired of the Canadian government’s attempt to shove their pro-abortion and pro-LGBTQ stance down their throats, under the guise of providing aid to the nation.

“About abortion, our people are still loyal to religious truth and cultures, it seems no matter how much money will be spent on making abortion look good, our people still see through the money, the marketing and mass education. Africa has a long history of colonization just like Canada, with foreign-led governments telling us what is good for us, or what our priorities should be.”

She added that the women she represents as a Member of Parliament are quite, “able to see through the push to spread an abortive and contraceptive mentality in Africa. We believe life starts from conception. Where I come from, once conception takes place, it is life.”

She further stated that even babies that are miscarried “are given a decent burial, irrespective of sex.”  She went on to say that pro-life activity far outweighs pro-abortion sentiment and that very few anti-life action can be found. “Unborn babies have a right to live and deserve to be protected by laws.”

In order to support the pro-life African stance she reference multiple studies that clearly demonstrated that the, “overwhelming majority of Africans are pro-life”

She also brought up the attempt to push hormonal contraception on Africans, stating that it is, “hurting African women due to the side effects of hormonal contraception. The parents that I represent see sexual education as an assault to the health of innocent children.”

Two things about this story are important to note. First, it is so refreshing to see morality and human life defended by the way the African people have remained resolute with their beliefs. Equally refreshing, is the manner in which those beliefs are conveyed on a public forum by Lucy Akello. What makes her verbalization of the standards of African women so powerful, is that she communicates her disapproval clearly and fearlessly to a supplier of aid and so called ally to her country.

Second, it’s disgusting that such a weak buffoon like Trudeau would extend a supposed hand of aid with so many implied strings attached. Then again, if anyone knows the power of strings it’s a puppet, and Trudeau most assuredly is that.