Thursday, April 18, 2024

Don’t Do It Wisconsin, Janet Protasiewicz Is A Plague That Your State Doesn’t Need

The best time to correct a mistake is before you make it. Fortunately for the State of Wisconsin, they have that opportunity. On April 4th they will vote for an open seat on the state’s Supreme Court. The term is for ten years, more than enough time to do irreparable harm or lasting good.

The candidates could not be more diametrically opposed. Kelly is a conservative Republican and Protasiewicz is liberal to the core. Most of the criticism concerning Kelly is that he supported post 2020 election investigations. Which as we all know infuriates far left Democrats. They are allowed to cheat and manipulate, but God help you if you question their obvious deceit. Their CCP like stance on American elections and domestic policies should be a major concern of every American citizen.

Protasiewicz can’t hide from her ultra-liberal stance on crime. As a Milwaukee County Judge, her light sentencing exposed her as the true danger to the public that she is.

In 2017, Jovian Reese, who was 18 at the time, invited his cousin to spend the night at his home. After she had fallen asleep, Reese proceeded to rape her. The cousin awoke during the assault and ran to her sister for help. Although Reese denied the allegations, his DNA was discovered on his cousin’s breasts and her DNA was found on Reese’s penis.

In March 2019, Reese was sentenced for third degree sexual assault. Although he could have been sentenced to up to ten years, Protasiewicz sentenced him to only 14 months in prison and fifty hours of community service.

At the sentencing, Protasiewicz seemed indifferent towards the victim. Telling Reese:

“Mr. Reese, I am giving you the least amount of time I think is appropriate. It is significantly less than what I thought I was going to give you.”

She then added:

“Are you a danger to the public? I don’t think so. I mean I don’t think you did anything other than engage in a crime of opportunity and hopefully you’ve learned your lesson.”

Now, I’m not a lawyer, although recently I have been enjoying the original Perry Mason series on Paramount+. However, Reese invited his cousin over and then waited until she had fallen asleep to attack her. That doesn’t seem like a crime of opportunity. To me that seems clearly premeditated.

Then in September 2020, Kenneth Wright who was 28, pled guilty to third degree sexual assault for kidnapping and raping a 15 year old girl. Wright then continued the relationship and eventually ended up impregnating the girl.

At his sentencing, Wright was indignant and blamed the 15-year-old and her parents, refusing to accept any responsibility. In spite of his obnoxious and belligerent attitude, Protasiewicz unbelievably sentenced him to no jail time.

Instead she sentenced a child rapist to 5 years of probation, stating, “But for covid, I would be giving you some House of Correction time. These are strange times Mr. Wright; I’m not going to do that.”

As in so many of these instances when liberals fail to honor the rule of law, the end results were tragic. Just 10 months after Wright should have been imprisoned, he was involved in a drunk driving crash. He was arrested on October 16, 2021 after rolling his vehicle. At the time he was traveling in excess of 80 miles per hour in a 30 mile per hour zone. During the crash, his passenger Jamera Doyle was ejected from the vehicle and pronounced dead at the scene.

In September of 2019, Iraida Pizarro-Osario took her son to the Sixteenth Street Health Center. The child was 16 years old yet weighed only 42 pounds. He was so emaciated and his muscles so deteriorated that his bones were clearly visible. When the boy arrived he was unresponsive and had only a faint pulse. Sadly, in spite of the best efforts by clinic personnel and first responders, the child past away at the center.

The Medical examiner determined that the boy had died from severe malnutrition and Pizarro-Osorio pleaded guilty to felony neglect of a child.

At her sentencing on November 25, 2020 Pizarro-Osorio was originally sentenced to four years in prison and for years of extended supervision. However, Protasiewicz then stayed that sentence and placed Pizarro-Osorio on probation for only four years.

Recently, there have been accusations made about Protasiewicz outside of the courtroom. In an interview last Wednesday night with “Wisconsin Right Now” (WRN), Jon Ehr, a former Milwaukee restaurant/bar owner, adamantly repeated that he personally witnessed Janet Protasiewicz physically abuse her elderly husband and heard Protasiewicz use racial slurs in a “derogatory” fashion about Blacks and Hispanics, including the “N word.”

Madden’s son, Michael Madden, also told both WRN and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that he saw Protasiewicz physically assault his dad and heard her use the “N word.”

Both men claim to have seen injuries on Judge Madden’s face that were caused by Protasiewicz, who at the time was a prosecutor. The men allege that the abuse took place around 1997, when Protasiewicz was 34 years old and the judge was then 70 years old. The ill-fated marriage only lasted nine months.

It’s clear that Protasiewicz does not belong on the Wisconsin State Supreme Court. Her judgement is tainted to the extent that only her agenda will be administered to any cases she reviews. Justice and fairness will never be considered and everything will be weighed against her ultra-liberal views.

The election is on April 4, 2023. Do the right thing Wisconsin, otherwise Protasiewicz will sentence your state to a ten year sentence of liberal hatred, distorted laws and moral bankruptcy.

Just like in her court rulings, she will have no problem punishing the innocent public, while the liberal criminal element runs amuck.